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  1. click onto the link on my signature and download the attachements - you'll find everything you need to know about starting up and more. People say you learn by your mistakes but i say why make them in the first place?
  2. has not set their status

  3. they should be off darkness by now. Some of mine do the same thing but they are just chilling out. i'm surprised that they all do it at the same time they may just be well relaxed. like the guy above said you might be worrying over nothing. if they are flying well and eating ok then it sounds like they are fine - have you had them training yet? how are they doing on that front?
  4. click on my signature and download the attachment - print it and save for next year
  5. David048


    click on my signature and download the attachement - it will tell you all you need to know
  6. they go through phases where they fly less - maybe time to start training em
  7. i reckon the melon man will do it again for me - my son reckons this cocks head is shaped like a melon, so we call him the melon man! he's a nice dark read cheq with a grey head.
  8. racing from Eastbourne back to Castleford - 220 miles and it's gonns be baking hot!! any tips on how to get em to drink lots tomorrow?
  9. David048

    Rpra Hawkwatch

    i have seen hawks chasing my young uns but just tailing em - i think they must be young hawks that are practising - scary to watch
  10. I agree that you should separate him from time to time to protect the new ones but he sounds like he has some spirit and fire in belly which isn't a bad thing. You may not necessarily want to knock that out of him.
  11. I agree with spin cycle on this one Dave. 2 hours doesn't mean they've been lost it means they've been out learning and playing..they're youngsters!!! Maybe take them a bit further next time but increase the distance gradually.
  12. ok thanks will try that now
  13. thanks - does that hurt the pigeon? someone told me you can cut the feathers right down and then after that they will fall out on there own - is that true do you know or shall we jsut tug em out now?
  14. hi - could someone advise me on what to do. we have a young brid which is on the darkness system and it has broken 2 flight feathers quite low down so not sure whether to pull em out. does that hurt the bird and will they grow back or do we just have to wait for them to molt out now?
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