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  1. They cannot sell anything at the moment until they get a licence allowing them to do so. I e-mailed Paul Smith and thats what he told me.When they get a licence they will start selling again.
  2. My birds were at Berwick today liberated at 7.15 to fly south to North Yorkshire. From what I can work out there were Scottish birds liberated at Bishop Auckland,Consett,Thirsk and one or two others from 6-30 onwards after they said they would hold theirs untill ours got past so I think there must how been some clashing somewhere.
  3. Because some of them don't seem to care anymore!I think the bigger Feds with bigger birdage should give a little more consideration to the smaller Feds who don't send as many pigeons. Also they should keep their word if they say they will hold their birds to let others have a clear run through then change it and liberate.
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