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  1. Well done Billy and Kenny's generosity outstanding
  2. Clydesdale midweek club firstly like to thank pigeonbasics for the permission to conduct their young bird sale on site secondly to the most generous donations from some very prominent fanciers and thirdly to the very good fanciers that have hopefully purchased a champion Thanks again everyone and hope wish all a very successful 2022
  3. That's it guys thanks there a couple to put up
  4. Txt A Graham lot17 £30 LOT 25 £30 Done thanks
  5. Text Jags lot4 £40 Lot24 £50 Done thanks
  6. Remember folks all bids from 6.30 to 7.00pm on pigeonbasics only
  7. Txt G Drysdale lot13 £50 Txt I Thomson lot3 £40 Done thanks
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