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  1. That’s where I seen them, sat down to watch them one day they the link was disabled
  2. I’ve looked on there nothing what I can see mate
  3. Has anyone got a link to these ? Thanks
  4. Competition level is far greater over belguim
  5. Hi all.. Still trying to get hold of the book - the breeders digest by jack Curtis Can't get it anywhere online !
  6. sienna


    Hi all.. I have had a young bird reported by a non fancier in Harwich, if they is any fancier around and coming close to Northamptonshire please let me know. Thanks in advance Mark
  7. Cheers john Tried on amazon it says it unavailable?
  8. Ok mate Pm me if you do and I send you across your price Cheers mark
  9. Looking for this book any got a copy they want to sell ? Cheers
  10. When the distance gets further then start backing of training, but in the beginning I believe training 20-30 mile twice a day if you can . Flying freely around the loft isn't really getting high level of fitness. Remember it's your job to teach ybs what's required of them. Good luck mate
  11. sienna


    Found dead - MI TROWELL SERVICES
  12. Hi Thanks for taking the time to find the resources to report it, being a non fancier... Try and get the full ring number and post it via this post. Cheers
  13. Full Unikon ETS set up wanted
  14. What's the ring number mate ?
  15. Anyone got a contact number for Steve Foster- Cumbria... I think ! Cheers
  16. Any Images of your sliding trays ??
  17. just curious to who might have or had sliding trays under grill floor that can be cleaned from outside the loft ?
  18. Expensive !!! What isn't with Racing Pigeons now, after 10 years out, I cannot believe how commercialised it is, it seems everything is state of art even down to the breed.... it's becoming ridiculous tbh after all it's just a hobby !!
  19. Some lads have said a Petron is the worst loft they have bought ! Have you got one yourself ??
  20. Hi Mate I'm asking same questions on here. I originally went to petron for a quote, but I was clear he is only interested in the £20k + orders. They isn't many left to chose from, so it's between Tranter & Ecco, I think Tranters will charge bit more then Ecco, so it's down to personal preference, maybe ask someone who has had one from both.
  21. I had a look at oldyellow's loft, however my prefrance is 8ft wide with corridor. Cheers lads
  22. Does any members know of anyone who is planning in selling a loft. I am looking for a one around 18ft - 24ft x 8 pantiled. Any info is appreciated.
  23. Does any members from Kettering or Desbrough or surrounding areas know of allotments where you can keep and race pigeons from ?
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