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  1. Due to ill health and in hospital am selling my fathers stock . See peds pm if i can help
  2. Some of peds starting at 45 pounds up to 100
  3. Due to sudden ill health my dads in hospital am have to sell everything we have etc 3 pads extra cable young birds trapping box doubler stock birds please call 07745187852 unikon champ .i did not know where to list this on site so very sorry if in wrong place . We have 9 pair stock left
  4. ritchie1

    In Today

    Thanks will try to get it up to Inverness after the weekend.
  5. ritchie1

    In Today

    Blue pied hen . Tried to phone there secretary but no answer.
  6. well done Alex and my club mates hope your returns are good.
  7. Take it doon to the club Walter it’s a late breed lost 3 days ago wee let out.
  8. Yes we do the same with young birds. But this was an yearling cock. But he’s here so that’s what matters.
  9. First time it has happened to us. But how can real pigeon fancier do such a thing. We are all here to help one another. Not to steel rings off birds. On the upside his ring leg is not broken.
  10. ritchie1

    Ets Ring

    We was at ripon yesterday and got one of our birds home just now. Glad to get him home. He must have gone into a fancier loft on the way home. Just like to thank him or her for letting him out. He home in good condition. And I really appreciate you for taking the weight off him and removing his ets ring. I no it did not drop off because we always double click the ets rings. But he’s home so thanks for that.
  11. ritchie1

    In Today

    Red hen gb18s 42213 any takers
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