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  1. Good Morning Everyone. If you know someone passing by Fyife - Have a bird reported down there. If you guys know anyone coming even half way contact me on 07482424552. Thank you really apreciate it.
  2. Pigeon fancier found and bird returned. Thanks guys
  3. Looking for 2 Unikon pads to buy , if anyone sell please drop me a message. Thank you
  4. NEHU 2020 TD 1843 Of anyoane knows the owner. Let me know om 07482424552. Located in Aberdeen
  5. Is Anyone travelling from Edinburgh to Aberdeen or as far as close to Aberdeen to pick up a bird for me ? Let me know. Thank you
  6. Good Morning guys , Is anyone travelling from Dundee to Laurencekirk or Aberdeen ? Have a bird down there to pick up ? Please PM me or call 07482424552 Thank you!
  7. Happy New Year guys have a good year and lots of good races and less rain. Hehe
  8. Morning all What a rainy morning... Hope this clears up by 1pm.
  9. Imagine That will be a brilliant outcome for the North. Fingers crossed
  10. What a cracker season. Good luck to all of you. We sent 8 hope they will be ok with this weather forecast ehh. Thank you to the Section G for all the support and boarding the birds successfully. Well done
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