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  1. Morning all What a rainy morning... Hope this clears up by 1pm.
  2. Imagine That will be a brilliant outcome for the North. Fingers crossed
  3. What a cracker season. Good luck to all of you. We sent 8 hope they will be ok with this weather forecast ehh. Thank you to the Section G for all the support and boarding the birds successfully. Well done
  4. Thank you for the eliberation. Thank you to Aberdeen Fed for all the races trasport and support. Good luck to everyone today.
  5. Avyy & Costy Lofts ( A. Bota) is a friendship based flying team which compete within the Aberdeenshire area and enjoying the sport as much as possible. We have around 100-120 pigeons started back in 2020 with the first race this year 2021. We found great pleasure within the sport and enjoying some very welcome and entirely unexpected success. Most important meeting the Aberden Fed Guys which all are like a fresh breath of air for us. We also enjoy the website I firmly believe this new upgrade is Ace. Well done to everyone Have a good day.
  6. I am new to the sport. Started this year with unexpected success and happy to be here with you guys. I just wanted to say well done for the upgrade this is by far the best version. I understand there is a lot of members who got used to the old version of the website. If you give it few months I am sure you will learn this one too. Is amazing how our brains even if young or old adapt to the situation. Behind this new version of website is a lot of coding and work and lost nights probably. Just enjoy guys ! From me and Costy well done guys ! Keep the good work up . Good luck with the last race today as well.
  7. Aberdeen Fed - Swalwell race - 16/20
  8. Alnwick 21/22 Good decision taken for a Friday raceí ½í± Cheers
  9. Good morning lads Have a great day
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