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  1. hi im trying to return a bird to s&e mcCall in dairy north ayrshire got it in as a stray last week im in ballingry fife if any one can help get bird back that b great thanks michael
  2. lost bird gb16h27464 in fife area a week or so ago
  3. su19df101 su19ca785 su18nw253 othe 2 have owners numbers on so will contact them
  4. hi im looking for some young birds in fife area I can race this season this is my first season and breading did not go so well I got some birds from my club members but need aboot 10 more im advised thanks
  5. got a blue hen in ring su18av4241
  6. hi are the birds still available thanks
  7. anyone in Fife area got a basket for sale or a swap for some pigeon books basket needs to hold aboot 16 birds thanks
  8. anybody know when methilhaven pigeon club sells food
  9. need number for mclaren & robin from cambuslang got one of there young birds in
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