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  1. Sam G

    Tenerife Race

    Yes there’s enough for a race mate
  2. Have any Scottish fanciers still got birds in final race next Friday ? And are they coming over to watch the race
  3. Sam G

    Stray Bird

    Su 15 AB 2891 was handed in to me by someone in the village today
  4. Sam G

    Lost Birds

    Hi all only 4 birds missing now 44665 , 35751, 14753 , 29492 Cheers
  5. Sam G

    Lost Birds

    Hi all , help required granddaughter opened stock doos avery door thismorning here are ring numbers of birds that are missing GB 14 F 44665 , GB 14 Z 14753 , GB 14 Z 78192 , GB 10 V 35751 , GB N 75188 , GB 11 P 41586 , GB 12 V 29492 Any one getting them in can you please PM me cheers Sam
  6. Sam G

    Stray Bird

    Just in SU 14 E 327
  7. Sam G

    Unikon Cables

    Looking for 3m cable and T split box for unikon ETS if anyone has any spare cheers
  8. Hi all iam starting out again and Iam looking for 2 unikon pads and any cables , I have everthing else for timing system cheers SAM G
  9. sound Al see you tue night cheers bud
  10. yes that would be sound bud , where about do you live ? Al prob come and get them tue night after you get home if that's ok bud
  11. Al take the 30 bird basket if that's ok , Iam just starting up again after 10 years away from racing , hopefully start with young birds next season so the large basket would be great , I can pick it up this week if that's possible ??
  12. hi there are all the baskets away ??
  13. Has anyone got large basket or baskets for sale 2nd hand or new
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