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  1. Hi all I'm a new starter from Grimsby I've got my loft and ybs already they are on v perchs at the moment so I'm looking to upgrade thanks for reading
  2. hi everyone looking to start up pigeon racing I was wondering if anyone local to me knows of any lofts max size 10x8 available and anything else racing pigeon related that would get me going I'm also willing to pay thanks for reading
  3. yes I lived down south then moved to Grimsby's never had chance to settle being a young lad always doing other things but now I've settled and matured its something that's always been apart of me now's my chance to do it. my loft will be up by middle of next month nothing fancy just a little shed but I can extend as I go I will be getting 6 late breed staf van reets sent to me once my loft is up
  4. hi everyone I'm looking to get a small loft in the next month and get a small team of racers in the Grimsby area
  5. I'm interested if still available
  6. I think I'm going to go middle distance thanks for all the advise lads
  7. What's the best bird for speed and what's the best for stamina just looking to know a little about different breeds thanks in advance
  8. I don't know many fanciers around my part but I will look into it as like you said I'm a new starter but I'm still going to get a few barkers
  9. Yes thanks Steve I have heard a lot of good stuff about the barkers good strong birds
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