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  1. Happy birthday Jim have a good day the big 72
  2. ISad news I have just been told of the passing of my good frien Dave Pirie may he rest in peace
  3. Happy birthday Billy have a good day
  4. Inver. urie Rpc Auchendinny 2 Y/b Result. 5 Members sent 81 Birds. 1st. R. Adamson. 1341.314. 2nd. R. McKenzie. 1332.502. 3rd. R. McKenzie. 1299.119. 4th. E&N. Yule. 1276.078. 5th. A&A. Milne. 1220.484. 6th. W&A. Ross. 1200.657. Well done R. Adamson. on winning the race.
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