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  1. Was let off over the bridge today and was back In the loft when I got home from work
  2. has not set their status

  3. Just in su 20 L 4536
  4. Bred this for Kenny droog
  5. Help required Barnsley to Edinburgh
  6. 40 young birds missing st boswals to gorebridge su 19 p 810-920 gb 20 E gb 20 z nehu 20 hou
  7. Jimmy Moyes never timed in for the record 😂😂😂
  8. Typical it’s at Knox’s in Newcastle where they sell food Tried that but it’s 26 miles away from him
  9. Newcastle to Edinburgh stray reported can anyone help
  10. Hi yes it’s mine just in gorebridge 07446 220079
  11. In today been hawked su 15 r 896 can’t fly
  12. elvis0111


    Call pammy 07763125196 she can give you stray centre address
  13. elvis0111


    Hi if it can be handed into the stray centre it will be collected on Sunday
  14. 3 emails sent no reply 5 messages send on there mailbox no reply
  15. Still nothing message left email sent no reply
  16. Hi no calls about this bird yet
  17. Can only imagine it’s escaped somewhere down the line ‭07446220079‬ cheers
  18. Thursday night we had a Friday race
  19. Came back again after being in stay basket Su 18 AF 396
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