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  1. Only got 1/4 for but got our pooler and very pleased with our performance. I knew we would get him and we did. Everything is so new to us and its all a learning process. Well pleased.


    Well done to everyone who timed and well done to the winners.


    On to Maidstone we go!!! :-)



  2. A. Ralston Graham

    B. John Bosworth

    C. Jocky Scott

    D. John McNeil

    E. Callum Walker or Alex Blyth ( both Carluke )

    F. Harvey Pollock

    G. M.Main


    Hope im wrong about section E and its someone flying about 15 miles further lol.



    I called Callum Walker as my section E winner as well. Cool! we had a section e party tonight at home! its just great be part of this race. looking forward to it, how many did you send Derek?

  3. Took the doo's through to Bo'ness for marking. In and out in 20 minutes. Not many birds away about 10 baskets sitting with 1,2,3 doo's in it. Still that was early though, will be interesting to see how many are away. We sent 4.

  4. Not this one as they changed lib point and will be cheaper just getting the new one`s for the prizewinners.


    Great I will just wait until the result then to get my distance lol


    I had heard about the new race point but I was thinking of the other races points that haven't changed.

  5. Is anybody else having trouble sleeping? lol


    I finish work tonight until next Tuesday and its just hit me what the heck am a gonna do all day Friday? Lofts have been scraped and everything in order in the garden. What will people do on Saturday morning while waiting on the birds coming home? I owe my sister a birthday lunch so that should keep me busy for an hour.


    This will be our 1st old bird snfc national race having competed in the last two yb nationals, so limited on experience and everything feels new. The months of preparation become your daily life and one day its only one day till basket time and the 1st race just around the corner.


    I am sure everybody else has the same thoughts 1st time round, have we done enough?, are the birds ready?, will we see a feather come Saturday?


    When they arrive home on Saturday at whatever time I will be over the moon, I guess you could say I have been bitten by the snfc bug!


    All the best to everyone competing this weekend and for the rest of the season.



  6. Cheers mate. I never forgot the words your father said to me when I collected a stray very early on when we started back, Health became our priority after that day :-)and its been onwards and upwards since.


    Will look out for your picks, C Walker is mine.


    Last toss tomorrow so hoping for a good one.


    All the best.

  7. A few days to go until basket night for the 1st National of the year,


    Who's going? How many are you sending? and the weather is looking good so far (east wind predicted).


    Who is your favourite for the open prizes and who are the favourites for section prizes?


    3 hopefuls going from Cumbernauld barring a training mishap tomorrow. Prep has went well and looking forward to the race.


    All the best to everyone who is sending.



  8. spot on frank the stock birds are breeding your young ones the young ones are getting slaughtered you dont know if the stock birds are any good, so race them right out to see if they are any good


    how do you know if they are any good if the ones that survive are the ones you are saying are good! you cant make that judgement in todays racing, only the good are aurviving! total b/s its luck if anything. Top fliers are losing birds just the same as everybody else. If that's the case I look forward to losing birds bred down from Tam Richardson, Eadie and Kelly, Robbie Higgins and Harky and the likes next season. Grrrrr

  9. What you building a team for??


    After two years most of your old birds will be dead or lost. Racing pigeons has changed in the last 20 years no time to build teams unlike years ago when most guys built a team of old birds for the distance races . Goodness sake the birds are just over the 200 mile and a lot guys are ready to finish up for the season with losses etc.



    Yearlings should be raced out only the lucky good ones will remain.


    Sorry to be brutal but its the truth


    Your not wrong mate, only have a small team and I have 5 for the inland snfc nationals this year 4x2 year olds and 1xyearlings and that's from a team of 40 young birds in the last two seasons. Our two section prize winners from yb national last year have been iffy and am not willing to fling them away. Lots of well bred doo's going missing all over the place, its frightening and like I said only seriously being new to the sport in the last few years its daunting. Just want to gage peoples opinion and I wont disagree with anyone. Its all about the individuals experience.


    Brutal honesty is best all day long.

  10. must be an equal amount of each astray here , so thats not the "problem" :emoticon-0127-lipssealed:

    Agreed Andy but as a relative new start in the game along with my fathers long term experience its daunting to know that getting through the yb season and its losses as well it being difficult to get yearlings home in great numbers means the patience game is very important and not a lot of people have patience.

  11. Hi All,


    Given events today racing into Scotland and the losses that have occurred with Yearlings. It would be interesting to find out if the birds were on darkness or natural as young birds 2012?


    Had them on darkness the 3 years since we started back in the sport but switched to natural this year to see what happens results wise yb's this year and hopefully have them in peak condition as yearlings but given recent events its a bit of a worry. Big losses with young birds across the board and now it seems that racing yearlings is tricky as well. Its a daunting thought when trying to build a team for the future,


    Didn't sent this week and that seems to have been the best decision we have made this season given we fly a very small team.


    Would be interesting to hear what people think regarding yearlings brought through darkness or natural.



    Andy Smith


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