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  1. look at this video, dont know if it will help you with what you need to do Stuart
  2. Kelso result 23 April 2022
  3. jast

    HOMER 49

    Happy Birthday Alex hope you have a great day
  4. jast


    yes i agree with you Buff, i think the site was much better before the update
  5. Hi try www.thebirdroom.co.uk i got mine there works a treat Cheers
  6. Independent club results.pdf Thanks for looking Stuart Independent club results.pdf
  7. jast


    Thanks for looking Stuart slirpccattericka.pdf
  8. a bit confusing the new format, hope to get used to it soon
  9. Thanks For Looking another difficult race Stuart
  10. jast


    Thanks for looking Stuart
  11. Thanks for looking Stuart
  12. South Lanarkshire Alnwick 2, Birds liberated at 10:00 in a light SE wind all the best
  13. 14821.pdf Thanks for looking Stuart
  14. SLIRPC Dunbar2 YBs.pdf Cheers Stuart
  15. Dunbar1.pdf Cheers Stuart
  16. Trophy.pdf Cheers Stuart
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