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    All Forfar birds Brian. 2 are Davie Glens and the other Mike Macpherson. 3 of many no doubt. Thanks for the info
  2. Wakefield OB.pdf Well done again Ken
  3. Angus & Dundee liberated at Wakefield at 6.30 a.m. Light South West wind
  4. Angus & Dundee liberated at Darlington at 7.25 a.m. Light South West wind
  5. Lot 10 £40 please done thanks
  6. DJL


    Angus & Dundee federations liberated at Swalwell at 9.30 a.m. Light East wind
  7. DJL

    Found pigeon

    It is a Gourdon club pigeon. David Hay, Secretary 01561 361526 or message Spitting Feathers on here.
  8. Angus & Dundee federations liberated at Wooler at 8.30 a.m. Very Light South wind
  9. Angus & Dundee liberated at Wooler at 9.00. North East wind
  10. Forfar RPC will be holding our Breeder-Buyer Young Bird sale in our clubhouse on Saturday 16th April. Birds on view from 12.30 pm and the sale will start at 1.30 pm PM me for any information or call on 07801 368663
  11. DJL


    Sad news. Ian was a real gentleman and a great fancier. Condolences to his family.
  12. Sad news. Dave was a great guy and a great doo man. Condolences to his family.
  13. Sorry to hear this. I met Walter many times at SHU meetings where he always spoke a lot of common sense and was an outstanding delegate for his federation. Condolences to the family.
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