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  1. Archie McIntyre is the man to contact for details. I believe the battery lasts about 10 hours but he is the man.

    I am informed that the battery is will last up to 35 hours. Ours are set for 10 hours and track every 20 seconds. If the tracker is set for 35 hours it tracks every 3 minutes.

  2. On 11/26/2021 at 5:39 PM, Kyleakin Lofts said:

    So sad to hear this.  Our sport is ripping itself apart instead of pulling together.

    Last year one of my Federations had an acrimonious split which was completely un-necessary.  The Disciplinary action which resulted in the split and our subsequent AGM were conducted by Postal Ballot due to the Covid situation.  To ensure that I didn't open any of the relevant letters the envelopes were marked Dis for Disciplinary and AGM.  The Disciplinary letters were counted by a local lawyer, luckily at no cost to the Federation.

    The split ensued before the AGM and since there was no requirement for these papers to go to the same lawyer they were dealt with by myself. :)

    The disciplinary situation you mention was based on a lie. I know because I have seen all the relevant correspondence. It really takes a special breed of hypocrite to criticise other federations knowing that he has been involved in an attempt to exile fanciers from the sport they love and to take possession of the assets which these fanciers worked to acquire.

    However, as far as I am aware the afore mentioned fanciers, are now more than happy to be free from corruption and are enjoying their sport.

    in keeping with Pigeon Basics policy I don’t expect this post to be visible for long but it had to be said.

  3. They will be ok

    Probably 20 miles between Lauder and Coldstream


    That, of course makes the assumption that the Ayrshire birds cleared immediately in the right direction.

    It only takes one peregrine to upset that assumption.


    not that close , good 1/2 an hour apart .


    Not at the school I attended. I suppose you were simply looking for an argument

  4. Both Scottish Nats at Eastbourne, SNFC liberated 0830 this morning, SNRPC moved out and back to Billericay and then held over, does anyone know if they moved yesterday or this morning ? Just interested

    I believe they moved yesterday.

  5. I believe that weather conditions were mainly responsible for this disaster. I further believe that specialised weather forecasts are available from the Met Office. It really is time to obtain the best weather advice available to help Race Controllers make well informed decisions.

    We all saw the advance forecast and we all knew that there was a possibility of a dodgy race but sent our best regardless.

  6. Snrpc booked for Brighton on July 2nd, should just follow suit and have bigger convoy coming up the road... Along with joint lib at Eastbourne.


    Although this is a sensible suggestion John they couldn’t agree to go to the longest race together even with considerable cash incentives so any form of cooperation is unlikely to occur. It is a well established fact that most people in positions of authority are power motivated.

  7. Had a wee great uncle percy who stayed in west bay,if it's the same one its bridport in dorset and right on the water.

    Popular rumour has it that West Bay and surrounding areas now are home to ,not one, but several families of Percy. This is so evident that English organisations avoid this area for liberations. My source of information is reliable.

  8. Yeah it's wild considering Boris has only done the south east...presumably so the FM can say we have done better

    We should do better if you compare population densities. It’s pretty much about contact with others.

  9. The situation has been very badly handled from day 1. Hopefully the vaccine will be effective on the new variant but will the virus mutate again.

    It’s significant that the new variant was first noted in Kent the entry point for illegals. We live on an island what could be more simple than totally securing our borders.

  10. Surely the result should be about who is best in the Federation. I appreciate that Lanarkshire covers a large area which can give some an advantage at shorter races but for me it’s still about topping the federation with club results still being important.


    Do you guys still have a web site? A web site with access restricted to Lanarkshire members only would be an excellent platform to discuss Federation business in the lead up to a postal vote. That might exclude some members but very few are without computer access now and “progress “ is what the thread is about.

  11. Here don't shoot the messenger no my fault the feds in a right mess


    And Speedy pretty sure you were furnished with details of the argument judging by your comments on previous threads regarding the top table....so pot kettle speedy


    I don't know why ppl don't know who is counting the votes...does seem a reasonable question to ask

    George, I’m not shooting the messenger I’m actually being pretty mellow. If it seemed that way then I apologise. Like you the present mess is not of our doing nor is it likely to affect either of us. However I am amazed at the maze of deceit and lies being spread here. I am very well informed on this subject by several sources I even know about a Vice President calling at a delegates home asking him to sign a letter which was based on a lie about the outcome of an RPRA appeal and the Secretary refusing to allow that delegate to withdraw his signature once the truth was known.

    There is so much to tell about this sordid tale and maybe my response to your post is simply my way of enlightening people.

    I have a mail this morning from Ayrshire and Arran Health Board this morning which makes very interesting reading regarding charitable donations and I’m not fussed about denials on facebook to further fleece the gullible.

    I would add that I am not a member of any “cartel†to quote from the relevant correspondence.

  12. Just been pm'd it's a lawyer doing the counting


    Deary me what a sad state of affairs for a hobby

    It’s beyond belief that any outsider should know this rather than people who are the subject of the ballot.


    Maybe an expulsion of members would allow Glasgow Federation use the trailer they “acquired by devious means†. I would like to see the receipt for that deal.

  13. It was the club secretary that put it on Facebook

    Well that has to be a good source of information as Hotrod has confirmed. However I still wouldn’t believe all I read on Facebook. I’m in the fortunate position that I no longer read the lies. Freedom of Information requests to certain authorities are always factual and the outcome of these will mean that I no longer present youngsters to “charitable causesâ€.

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