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  • The admin team and moderators reserve the right to edit or remove any post, signature, avatar or part of your profile at any time without prior warning. A staff member's decision is always final, and we do not permit the discussion of a decision (whether related to an edited/deleted post or a banned member) in posts, avatars, signatures or in any part of your profile, however, if a considerable suggestion is made by Private Message or by use of the 'Contact Us' page, the forum staff may look at it, and possibly take the comment on board
  • In the event of a topic or post(s) being removed by a admin team or moderator these posts will have been moved to a private board where the ADMIN will decide the action to take. Action may be:
    • reinstate the posts back to their original topic
    • create a new topic of these posts around another theme
    • edit the offending parts from these posts and then one of the above
    • remove the posts from the forum indefinitely

Please remember:

Forum Moderators are normal members, not employees, who have been hand picked after they have managed to prove consistently that they have the skills and experience needed for helping us maintain fairness in the Forums.

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