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Settling Birds At New Location


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If you have access to your old loft asap


I moved from my house to the compound 3 mile away 3 days it took me to break most of them just left them out all day then basket them at my house at night take to compound gave them a feed 3rd day left out for good 90% all back down at the new loft for dark

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Probably the best person I know at resettling pigeons is Adam Owen who is on this Forum regularly. I saw him resettle young pigeons 4 times in a year and still race successfully.

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its a very simple thing to break pigeons if you can leave the old loft up for a few says while you do it,and you will find the best birds except their lot quickly,600,700 mile performers will be broken within 3-4 days,just make sure no places to perch inside old loft ,just the floor,they can still put up top class efforts out to 600 miles plus afterwards,but you must understand you would have broken their hearts,and the new loft will only ever be classed as a feeding station to them,its like doing the dirty on old friends,not

very nice,and really not the way to treat birds that have have gave you everything in the past

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