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You've seen the new layout...

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The new look for Pigeonbasics is now here; we are aware that there have been a few bugs with still one or two issues outstanding (layout issues).


You may also have noticed the reorganisation of some of the boards.

Racing Pigeons became a Category with the subsections;

- General (this is where the posts from the old one were moved to)

- Race Day (this is for all liberations, weather, etc)

- Old Birds (topics about racing old birds)

- Young Birds (topic about racing young birds)

- Ideas & Theories (moved board from the front page)


The following top level boards have been added also; Breeding, and Introductions.


The 'Notice Board' will now serve the purpose it was implemented for;

- if you are unsure on which board to post, you can post to the Notice Board - however be aware that a moderator may move the topic to the relevant board on their first or subsequent visit (a redirect link will be left).

- all topics posted to the Notice Board will be assessed if they would be better categorised under another heading, and may be moved, but we will leave a redirect link on the Notice Board :)


The final change to report for now is that Chit-Chat is back.

However it is only accessible by 'Subscribing' to it. That means if you have not subscribed you will not see any of the boards or topics on the Portal or anywhere else on the site. If you have subscribed topics will be shown in the Portal and you will have full access to the boards.


You can unsubscribe at any time, and rejoin at any time (the required links are under 'Members Only').


As of now; all non-pigeon related topics posted to Notice Board (or anywhere else) will be removed from the forum. If you wish to partake in Chit-Chat, please subscribe and post such topics only to that board.


The forum Code of Conduct and other rules, are wholly applicable to the Chit-Chat section.

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