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Stevenage Homing Society

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Blandford 16/4/11


13 members sent 171 brds lib at 10.30 in a lt/sw wind

1, P&M Pateman 109m 563 yds 2hrs 11m 54sec vel 1458

2, Newberry& Jackson 109m 406 yds 2hrs 12m 22sec vel 1452

3, Newberry& Jackson 109m 406 yds 2hrs 13m 04sec vel 1444

4, P&M Pateman 109m 563 yds 2hrs 15m 22sec vel 1421

5, Body& Beetham 109m 159 yds 2hrs 17m 02sec vel 1401

6, B Gates 109m 955 yds 2hrs 17m 58sec vel 1397



six prize cards per race


would just like to say well done to all our new club members who turn

there birds around from north to south road and got good returns.


P.Pateman [aka Grizzal]

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Our 2nd race was also from Blandford 23/4/11


15members sent 209 birds lib 7.30 in no wind.


1, Newberry & Jackson 109m 406yd 2hr 17m 51s vel l394

2,P. stevens 106m 950yd 2hr 16m 21s vel 1375

3,M. Bish 109m 434yd 2hr 21m 03s vel 1363

4,Body & beetham 109m 159yd 2hr 20m 55s vel 1362

5,Body & Beetham 109m 159yd 2hr 21m 45s vel 1354

6,Bob Gates 109m 955yd 2hr 22m 45s vel 1350


well done to the winners, the race was a bit patchy with a few birds

missing and afew working in late.


Paul Pateman

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