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hi everyone i am hoping someone may be able to help me find breeders of the following birds, nun's, pygmy pouters, jacobins, helmets,owls, i live west midlands but i am willing to travel i am looking for good show stock to start me off with i am a private hobbyist, many thanks in advance

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Guest beautyhomer

Breeders cards in the Feathered World or try contacting the NPA secretary.


It is the wrong time of the year really.If you go to some of the shows and get to know fanciers you will have a better chance of getting quality birds.

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Guest grizzler

go on the national pigeon association website,there is a list of shows around the country.this would be a good place to make contact with breeders of the breeds your after

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Guest bigbok

i got a friend who keeps tgerman owls got some nice ones off birds i brought him form germany he ahs had a good year if you pm me i can give you his mobile and i can recomend yo uwait for steve and fin to help yo uout they both got good birds

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If you plan to show the birds at shows, i would contact the NPA secretary Graham Giddings.




Ask Graham for the breed club deatils, contact them and ask them for the top breeders details of the colours that you want.


Generally breeders don't show/sell birds until winter, this gives the new youngsters a chance to malt and develop. After this stage they sell the ones they don't want.


If you pm / post the what colours you want and age of each breed, i'm planning to attend a private lawn show hosted by Nottingham Pigeon Fanciers Club this weekend. I will ask who is breeding the best with your chosen colour.


Or if you prefer ask for low show quality birds if you are looking to keep them as pets.

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