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  1. hmgaz

    Oswestry Show

    is anyone showing at the oswestry agricultural show on the 7th august,
  2. hello does anyone have any contact details of the jacobin club many thanks
  3. i have a young bird who has watery droppings, looks miserable and sits around a lot what can i try before i go to the vets, its a pouter no other signs
  4. ooohh missed that post fin,,,,, never been good with patience ,, thanks mate
  5. fin doesnt hold up hope he may have 2 hens for me,,,,
  6. already spoke to fin ,
  7. hell everyone i recently purchased 2 jacobins that were supposed to be a pair, but they are both cock birds, anyone know where i can get 2 hens from
  8. hi has anyone inported any pigeons before, i am looking to import some from portugal and hoping someone may have help of who they used etc
  9. do you have any contact details
  10. i am looking for a breeding pair or 2 pairs of german owls , does anyone have any or know of anyone that breeds show quality ones many thanks in advance, cash waiting
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