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2005 - Race 2 - Selby

Loft Manager

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Yesterday night (yesternight?? lol) anyway... I took them 20 miles, up in 2 groups the hens came slightly better than the cocks, but neither did a lightening time!


This afternoon, just about dodging the rain they went 20 miles, they beat me home with the last 6 or so miles in rain,,, it didnt look like it was going to rain when I took them, honest!! lol

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I think the rain in Teesside will have caught a lot out Yesternight (9/8) as I nearly took mine up, but it closed in b4 I had the chance, so I just let em out. When it came to getting the drowned rats in a batch of trainers went other really slow and 7 dropped out and sat on my house roof all night. They all went this morning but they will certainly know they had a night out, I just hope they made it home!!!

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The race was put back 24 hours due to bad weather, so they had another 20 miler on Friday evening.


Birds Basketed Today


02 - 1st home last week, 4th club, still sitting keen


06 - 2nd home last week, sitting about 9 days



16 - sitting about 9 days


18 - sitting about 9 days

21 - sitting about 7 days

22 - sitting about 9 days

23 - sitting about 9 days


That should be 11 ;)


The forecast looks like a strongish north wind with the cloud breaking around dinnertime :)

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