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SNRPC Young bird sale.


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Newbridge Bowling Club Sunday 7th May. Viewing 6pm Sale Start 7pm                                                        1. A&ELukeDunbar.Adamhousesoneofthebestallroundfamiliesof pigeons that win out of turn from 60 to 540 miles consistently every season. Adam’s bloodlines are winning for many other fanciers in Scotland, England and Ireland, Breeder of P Virtues great hen Golden Girl .Winner of 4 national races.
2. C&GCameronArbroath.OneoftheNorthofScotland’stopfancier’s winners of SNFC Roye national.
3. JBaillieTranent.Oneoflastseason’sformloftswinneroftheSNRPC Eastbourne national, 4th open Newark 2022.
4. SThomson&SonPortSeton.Multinationalwinningloft,thispartnership have been at the top for many years.
5. KWhithamDunbar.Snrpcyearlingnationalwinner,greatrecordfromReims 3rd open, 3rd open, 6th open with his great pigeon Howmuir Miller.
6. KBuchananHamilton.Oneofthegreatnamesinnationalracing,past national winner from Troyes 620 mls, 2nd open Reims 565 mls.
7. RHamiltonCambus.Roberthasbeenatthetopofthegameinnational racing for years, section winner many times flying into an unfavourable position.  8. W Smith Cumbernauld. Very consistent West of Scotland fancier in the nationals always in the result often when conditions are unfavourable.
9. J Wiseman Dundee. Prominent north of Scotland loft with some excellent performances to his name
10. 10 K Droog & Son Forfar. National winner from Billericay last season on a very difficult day, with his great pigeon Hatrick.
11. D H Ogilvie Whins of Milton. One of the great names in Scottish national racing and still winning out of turn.
12. S&A Aitchison Eyemouth. Here we have another great name in the border area, past national winner from Clermont and Appledore .
13. D Henderson Dundee. Danny’s is one of the top performance lofts north of the Tay in both fed and nationals, past winner of the SNRPC Hazebrouke national plus many other great results.
14. P Keogh Broxburn. Peters birds have excelled in both the SNRPC and SNFC past winner of the very hard Arras national.
15. J McNeill Tranent. Jim has been getting into the national results with regular consistency great performance in the 2022 YB National taking 5th, 6th, 7th 8th & (th open.
16. D Glen Forfar. Davy is another great fancier especially in the nationals ,past winner of the SNFC Ypres national.
17. G McKenzie Broxburn. Gordon has put up some excellent performances both in Federation and national racing.
18. B McEwan Dundee. Here we have yet another top performance loft north of the Tay, Billy’s team of pigeon are very consistent performers in the nationals.
19. J Hadfield Blackburn. John is one of the best lofts in the area always in the national results, very good family of pigeons.
20. B McKenzie Dundee. Another great name in national racing, past National winning loft, Bruce always manages to put up some top performances each year.
21. C Dinsdale Coaltown of Balgonie. Chic is never far away from the top of the national results one of the most consistent fanciers in the Kingdom of Fife.
22. T Manger Bo’ness. 1st & 4th section 2022 young bird national, excellent established loft with some great performances lately.23. R Walker Eyemouth. Robert was a partner in the highly successful Walker & Wilson loft that dominated national racing from 2005, Robert now racing on his own is starting to show with some top performances once again, one to watch for the future.
24. H Menzies Slamannan. Very consistent loft in section D area , Hugh has put up some top performances of late, past section winner in SNRPC ans SNFC.
25. T&M Patterson. Excellent national loft 1st sect 2nd open SNFC Yeovil 2021
26. D| Cowan Cowie. Top flyer in club, federation and national racing this name always features in the national results.
27. Turpie & McCord Pitlessie. Another well-established Fife loft with some good performances both in fed and nationals.
28. J Proctor Kirkclady. John is a top name in the sport , double national winner from StNazaire and Tours.
29. I Ross Kirkintilloch. Winner of section F countless times in both Scottish nationals great family of distance pigeons.
30. Geddes Hillis & McGuiness Cleland. Prominent west of Scotland loft winners of section E from the Billericay inland national 2022.
31. D Grahame Lanark. One of last season’s form lofts section E winner from Eastbourne and Huntingdon 2022.
32. F Robertson Edinburgh. Top East of Scotland fancier, Double national winner, Freddie always features in the national results.
33. A Roberts Clydebank. Long established West of Scotland loft with many excellent performances to his name. Good honest family of pigeons.
34. J Musleh Clydebank. Past section winner housing some of the best stock around that are winning for other fanciers.
35. Lowe & McAlsitair Gatrcosh. A relatively new partnership coming into form, Ian has been scoring from the distance consistently for many years.
36. J Mark Tranent. 3rd open and Section winner from the Billericay national 2021, Jim houses some top stock pigeons.
37. G Donaghy Clydebank. Gary was one of the top west section form lofts in 2022winner of section twice from Billericay & Huntingdon inland nationals.   Come along to Newbridge on Sunday 7th May and pick yourself some new stock from some of the country’s top performance lofts.
Enquiry’s & phone bids to D Knox 07484329604 or J Jack 07498842151

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