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Future Auctions On Basics

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Hi, last September Admin decided to allow sales on Pigeon Basics FREE of charge.


Although any Donations towards the running of Pigeon Basics would be very much appreciated.


7 months on and a few Sales held on Basics, we feel as an Admin Team that it is time to review how such sales are held, in particular Auction Sales, where bids are required.


Also taking into Basics members comments and opinions regarding Auction Sales on Basics, we are proposing the following Rule be introduced for any future Auction Sales to be held on Basics

Sales by auction on Pigeon Basics the following rule;

All sales by Auction on Pigeon Basics, whether it be run by an individual member, a club/federation or other organisation representative. That all such sales by auction abide by the following rule;

All sales by auction must be authorised by a member of Pigeon Basics Administration Team prior to any sales being posted up on Pigeon Basics

Sales by Auction on Pigeon Basics must end on Pigeon Basics, Sales by Auction operating under various methods of bidding, such as Online bids, phone bids, and any other form of bidding, must end the sale by auction by only accepting bids on line on the Pigeon Basics Platform for the final 30 minutes of the sale by auction. ( plus any 5 minute rule)

This rule must be made clear at the beginning of any sales by auction on Pigeon Basics, and must be adhered to by all sales by auction organisers.

The integrity of Pigeon Basics must be foremost at all times and all such sales by auction, must be as transparent as possible.

Once permission has been granted sales by auction can be posted on the relevant Site Board, Dates must be notified in advance, individual/s running the Auction must take full responsibility for the running and conduct of the Auction.

This will include the dealing with money and the buyers/bidders etc

No Auction must last longer than 10 days.


Pigeon Basics will not take responsibility for such Auction Sales, but Admin and Moderators will have the Authority to intervene if it is deemed necessary.

These rules will start as from 1st May 2021 but will be continuously under review by the Admin team.

Thank You

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