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  1. The bird was picked by a friend of mine in Annan whom is a non fancier, its been well cared for.


    Arranged for Roy Seaton to collect it today, it'll make its way home in due course along with others collected by him.



  2. very nice post now lets look at the facts you require 100 votes two get egm did they have that ? naw they did not and as for the snrpc club they allterd the clock rules for 1 man two keep him sweet fact yous broke ur owe rules now what you got two say about that


    What was the issue with the clock rules John



  3. The outcome today was no surprise


    First time I've seen Celtic play for three years, they were poor as well, a shadow of the team they used to be


    I was half expecting a cricket score today and the massacre never came


    The pitch looked terrible

  4. whos your tip to win i tin each region , ill go for davie elliot jim donaldson delboy hay and chris little respectivly


    Thanks for the vote of confidence mate though keep your money in the wallet..... we've not sent any ;)


    Good luck to each and everyone who has sent birds

  5. Very well done big fella, superb performance Stuart, very pleased for you :emoticon-0123-party:


    Welcome to the club ;)


    I fully agree with previous posts, a cracking close knit bunch of lads in the North section who I've the utmost respect for, god help the bar staff at the Glynhill in October :emoticon-0123-party:

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