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  1. I have 16 latebreds bred from my direct p j boal willy van hercks and my direct walter de meyer pigeons . Only available due to no time to race this year so won't need these . Prefer to all go together I'm in Lancaster 20 miles north of Blackpool. Also 2 pairs of p j boal hercks bred by me for stock surplus to my requirements . Serious enquiries only pm or text 07950670297 prefer to go as one lot
  2. These pigeons need a new post code ASAP due to my lack of time . I'm willing to pay £25 towards the carriage or cost of fuel if someone picks them up . Too good to dispose of .
  3. Still available after being messed about on here . 21 in total mixture of cuesters hercks and de meyers prefer them to go as one lot
  4. I offer 6 ybs being from my stock birds I have cuesters , de meyers and van hercks I'm in Lancaster North West England No timewasters or dreamers please
  5. Thanks for your advice , maybe I'm giving someone a chance who cant afford to buy decent pigeons
  6. I have an old pair of herman cuesters both 09 bred need a new home as no room to keep them , he only filled a couple of eggs last year , also an old stock hen again cuesters from p j boal, fantastic eye but a lump on her vent , would like them all to go together , maybe someone with a small section just to let them run together and see if you get anything but worth it if you do as the premier hen is direct out of golden nugget , genuine PMS only and definitely no time wasters
  7. Still available but 4 pairs now as sorting out when I've got abit of time , cant believe these weren't snapped up during to the performances of p j boal
  8. Two pair of pigeons out of my p j boal willy van hercks looking for a good home , I'm vastly over stocked and will be putting more on once these have gone
  9. Bump , should add they are all bred off direct Walter de meyer pigeons
  10. I have 7 yearling cocks to give to anyone that may want them , mainly walter de Meyers and prefer them all to go together , all I ask is who ever gets them transfers them immediately as I've had problems in past with giving free pigeons on here and people not transferring them , I'll answer PMS this week when I've time , thank you
  11. Due to work commitments I have 17 2019 birds for free mixture of cocks and hens mainly kees bosua and herman cuesters , all out of best lines and all close to the tree , prefer to go in one consignment I'm in lancaster , please pm or text on 07950670297 thank you
  12. Over the next month I'll be giving away quitecafew birds due to splitting with my wife and moving lifts and restarting invalid year or so , the first six are all yearlings and 3 year olds 1 van rest , 1 soontjen and 4 van loons prefer all to go together and will do some good for a new starter , please no time wasters I really haven't the time thank you , pick up or courier I'm in Lancaster
  13. I have 12 hens free , ranging from ybs to 5 year old wouldn't be going if I had room , older ones are Freddy vandenheede out of my direct stock younger ones mainly Willy van herck out of my class p j boal stock , prefer to go as one lot and as soon as possible
  14. I have a yearling blue cock I have no room for , he is a Willy van herck from my direct Philip goal.of dromore pigeons free to new starter or novice ,I could possibly sort an hen out too to pair him too , anyone who knows p j boal pigeons will know they are getting a good pigeon . No time wasters please I'm in Lancaster
  15. mostly aug/sept bred but will stop to loft , racers or breeders really all well bred
  16. in in lancaster 20 miles north of blackpool
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