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  1. For quite a while now I have a warning come up in the left hand corner of the page saying that the site is not secure, is this something I should worry about, do other members have the same thing.

  2. Used to use it but started to get expensive, used to buy it in 5ltr containers, now use just ordinary vinegar, was told to use it at the rate of 10ml mixed onto one kilo of food when I had YBS cleared it up in about 4 days, now I use it every day in the water except on a Sunday when I put it on the corn. Won every club old bird race last year so can,t be doing any harm.

  3. The one thing about this site you can rely on is help to get started up in the sport for very little or No money.

    To receive the help so readily available we as a group expect to establish you are in fact a new starter and the minimum requirement from you is to let us know iwhere you are who you are and what club you have applied to or been accepted to join.

    So if you are transparent and are a genuine new starter your loft will be be filled with good stick from the very very generous members of the site. Many times on this and other sites posts just like your own have been put up by established fanciers who claim to be new starters but in fact end up selling on birds so kindly given by the members,

    So to get a better response and receive some very very good birds from the menbers, put you full name up on the thread where exactly you live and in which club you will or hope to race in.

    Otherwise I suspect you will receive no help astablishing yourself in the sport via this forum.

    Don,t think he is a new starter as he joined on here in 2013.

  4. Going with the wife. Staying in the Allendale on Albert Road.

    Stayed there for approx the last 15 years but its now been taken over by some new people so decided to have a change as they have stopped doing the evening meal and I believe there are some issues about parking now as well.

  5. The Base - he hadn't charged the car battery up, it also messed up the print off of both parties (but that's another story....)

    Wouldn,t really of mattered which one actually as you cannot clock your,re bird in on someone elses ETS system it will just show up as a unknown bird.

  6. This is the scenario - it happened in my own club



    Club mate gets a bird from 430 miles but the battery has gone on his ETS system and won't clock the bird in

    He comes to you to use your system - at which there is a bird above ready to drop for you...........

    Surely he cant clock his bird in on your system anyway,we are talking ETS,was the battery gone in the baSe or pocket clock.

  7. Been using ACV for years now mostly every day but this year the young birds developed YBS and I was told to use ordinary Malt vinegar on the corn,cleared up in a few days,so now I use Malt instead of ACV, havn,t noticed any difference yet plus its about 8 times cheaper per 5 Litres.

  8. Where do you think the best place to vaccines our birds neck on leg...


    Why would you go against the manufacturers recommended place, I have never seen anywhere other than the neck to vaccinate recommended.

  9. Can't you float the eggs to another section?

    To be honest I was more concerned about the old birds being in the same section as the ybs that had just been vaccinated although they had been done themselves in November.

  10. I will be weaning off about 12 young birds today into their own section thing is I have a pair of old birds in there that have been sitting just over a week I had no where else to put them,they are both Fed.winners that is why I paired them together so I dont want anything going wrong,as I always vaccinate the young birds when I wean them I,m not sure weather or not to do the old pair as well.They had their annual jab back in November,should I vaccinate them again with the young birds or would they be o.k to leave,as I,m thinking I might have problems with the young birds that hopefully will hatch.

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