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  1. 1st          Alan Nelson          1315

    2nd        Alex  Mc Innes      1312

    3rd       Alex  McInnes         1275

    4th      George Lightbody   1262

    5th       Alan Nelson            1258

    6th      Walter Boswell         1256

    well done to Alan who also wins all pools

    returns at checking was poor with most half 

    or less home 

  2. 1stW        Walter   Boswell               1687

    2nd          Alan        Nelson                 1686

    3rd  4th   5th Green Son             1672         1669       1659

    6th            Baird Mcmillan                 1652

    Walter Boswell wins the pools 

    well done guys and well done the fed team on a great race 

    100 percent returns won with another of my John Short Birds 

  3. 1st 2nd 4th 5th Green and Son 1279  1231 1225 1220 

    3rd    Richard Copland              1229

    6th     Alex McInnes                   1209

    Richard Copland wins all pools 

    great flying again from James and Gary 

    and well done Richard winning the pools 

    returns ln the club were poor at checking with men less than half there team 

    i now have 12 from 19 sent not a good race point imo but where is good now 

    and hearing other feds getting a tough one to in what looked like a great day for racing 

    go figure 

  4. 1st        Green and Son          1318

    2nd      Green and Son          1260

    3rd      Wullie Mcfall               1249

    4th     Richard Copland          1237

    5th     Green and Son            1217

    6th     James Mcguire           1211


    well done to James and Gary who also win the pools 

    returns in the club are poor with most less than half at checking my self 13 from 23 sent 












  5. 1st      Green and Son            1305

    2nd    Green and Son             1276

    3rd     Richard Copland          1235

    4th    Green and Son              1233

    5th    James Mcguire                1217

    6th   Green and Son              1210




    well done James and Gary fantastic race winning with all pools and ACC

    and well done to Richard and James returns were mixed good for some bad for others 

    but thats doo racing now i have 8 to come from 43 sent     

  6. Thirsk

    1st         George Lightbody         1418

    2nd       Richard Copland            1379

    3rd       Green and Son                1369

    4th       Green and Son                1360

    5th     Cook Hannah Cairney       1346

    6th     Green and Son                   1327

    well done George a good winner again 

    well done Richard winning all pools 

    a strange race returns not bad in our club 

    ive 6 to come from 42 but early days yet 









  7. Ainwick

    1st       Green Son     1488

    2nd     Green Son     1488

    3rd      Green Son     1487

    4th      Green Son     1487

    5th      Walter Boswell    1482

    6th      Green Son      1479

    Walter Boswell wins All pools

    Alex McInnes  wins the loft to loft KO Cup

    well done to James and Gary great race guys 

    and well done to big Alex winning the KO cup 

    big well done to the fed race team returns fantastic 

    all round one to come from 46 sent myself thats it for another week guys


  8. 1st      George Lightboady         1700

    2nd   Richard Copland              1667

    3rd   Green Son                         1658

    4th  Jim Smith                           1651

    5th  Walter Boswell                   1642

    6th  George Lightbody             1626

    Walter Boswell wins the pools

    well done to george a good winner  seems to be good returns 

    im waiting on two from 49 sent well done the fed race team 

  9. 1st      Walter Boswell      1404 All pools

    2nd    Walter Boswell      1376

    3rd    Walter Boswell      1373

    4th    Green#Son            1372

    5th    Walter Boswell       1362

    6th    Walter Boswell       1359   

    well done James and Gary 

    and well done the race team great returns all round 

    my five birds are all John Short Sprinters

    the winning bird a yearling has also won two 1st sections and a 3rd section 

    and 4 first clubs and was bred by John 

  10. 6 minutes ago, Walter Boswell 59 said:

    Blantyre Miners club friday 26th of November at 7 pm ticket price 6 50 

    please order tickets from Peter White 07901952812 

    or Jimmy McMillan 07527757691  tickets must be booked    before the 20th               

    top guests and always a great night Andrew Eadie Jim Cullen Jim Mclean Barkley Mc Crindle 


  11. Defra have not got a clue what they are doing when it comes to pigeons four different agents have given me four different interpretations of the rules on pigeons but seems they have changed there minds yet again let sleeping dogs lie methinks last time i will phone them for advice in future ill be telling them nothing 

  12. Hi guys been on the phone for two hours  with DEFRA  Scotland trying to find out the rules on pigeon Shows in Scotland after being past from pillar to post i have been told to let the fancy know that there can be no pigeon shows or sales in premisses without permission from APHA Scotland part of DEFRA and must be applied for at least seven days before hand  or it will be deemed illegal and against the Law i was asked to pass this on to the SHU which i will do 

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