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  1. Hi folks I’m needing four nest boxes for my small stock loft. If anyone had decent second hand boxes let me know cheers ross
  2. Hi folks I’m looking to buy another loft too add too my wee plot of ground If anyone has any or a shed I can convert let me know Cheers
  3. Hi there Does anyone in the Aberdeen area have any Sputnik traps for sale? Let me know Cheers
  4. Rossco31

    Donaldson Doos

    Hi folks Just wondering if anyone have jim Donaldson doos in there loft that I would be able to buy a couple pair Of late Breds too put in my stock loft. If anyone can help me That would be brilliant Ross
  5. Hi folks Looking too buy clay nest bowls if anyone has local? Nobody will send out as they say they are too fragile haha plus I’m also looking too buy nest boxes if anyone is selling any?? Thanks Ross
  6. Any results from auchendinney yet? Cheers

  7. How’s it going folks looking too buy an ETS race clock. Joined the Aberdeen district club this year and working the old clock which is awesome, but an ets clock would be bra for next year. If anyone has or knows anyone that’s got one for sale Please email me Cheers Ross
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