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  1. I've had a PM about the birds and they may be going to Coatbridge at the weekend. If that falls through I'll contact you first. Cheers, John
  2. Hi, I have 12 or maybe a few more young birds free to good homes. Would make a good starter stock team. Strains kept include Jan Aarden, Bosua/Van Osch, Kees Bosua, Van Elsacker-Jepsen, Soontjens, Roland Janssens and Faroes British Distance. Most birds are crosses between strains. Can provide pedigrees. I have not raced any birds yet as I have spent the last 2 seasons re-learning the husbandry and breeding of the birds and I have been studying. Hope to put the birds to the test next season. Several of the young birds have come from high quality stock birds I purchased last year and this year. I believe there is some quality here. I live in Edinburgh. Warm regards, John
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