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  1. Bonnybridge club result from Newark West Calder club result from Newark Newark Bonnybridge.pdf Newark ob West Calder.pdf
  2. Carnwath club result from Newark Balerno club result from Newark East Calder club result from Newark Newark Carnwath.pdf Newark ob Balerno.pdf Newark East Calder.pdf
  3. Almond Valley Fed result from Wakefield OB. Wakefield OB Fed result.pdf
  4. East Calder club result from Wakefield Wakefield East Calder.pdf
  5. Bonneybridge and Carnwath club results from Wakefield Wakefield Bonnybridge.pdf Wakefield Carnwath.pdf
  6. West Calder club and Balerno club result from Wakefield Wakefield West Calder.pdf Wakefield Balerno.pdf
  8. Almond Valley Feds club results Catterick West Calder.pdf
  9. Almond Valley Fed Club results Catterick Carnwath.pdf Catterick East Calder.pdf
  10. Almond Valley Fed result from Catterick OB. I've also attached the club results too. Catterick ob.pdf Catterick Balerno.pdf Catterick Bonnybridge.pdf
  11. This is Almond Valley's race programme for 2020; 20.06.20 Catterick 27.06.20 Wakefield 04.07.20 Newark (includes yearling derby) 11.07.20 Billericay (Open Race) Possible Young Birds any changes I'll put on our web page av-fed.org.uk 25.08.20 Stobs Camp 01.08.20 Stobs Camp 08.08.20 Ridsdale 15.08.20 Ridsdale 22.08.20 Swallwell 29.08.20 Swallwell 05.09.20 Catterick 12.08.20 Wetherby
  12. Almond Valley race program for 2020 Old Bird 18th Apr Stobs Camp 25th Apr Ridsdale 02nd May Swallwell 09th May Catterick 16th May Ripon 23rd May Wakefield 30th May Newark 06th Jun Melton Mowbray 13th Jun Wetherby 20th Jun Billericay Young Bird 25th July Stobs Camp 1 01st Aug Stobs Camp 2 08th Aug Ridsdale 1 15th Aug Ridsdale 2 22nd Aug Swallwell 1 29th Aug Swallwell 2 05th Sept Catterick 12th Sept Wetherby
  13. Almond Valley's AGM will be held on Sunday 17th November at 11am in West Calder Community Centre Dickson St, West Calder EH55 8DZ. Please not the change in venue. Club secretaries have the Agenda for the meeting, if for any reason you don't get a copy email myself direct. secretary@av-fed.org.uk
  14. Congratulations to all of Almond Valley's trophy winners. Well Done. Prize winners.pdf
  15. Will put location and time up as soon as I have it confirmed.
  16. Almond Valley Federation's AGM will be held on Sunday 17th November, location and time to follow. Any race programs or motions need to be in to Federation secretary by 27th October.
  17. Almond Valley Federation young bird race from Ripon this week has been cancelled.
  18. Almond Valley Fed result from Catterick Y/B Catterick.pdf
  19. Almond Valley Fed result from Otterburn 3 Y/B. Racing from Catterick this weekend weather permitting all welcome 40p per bird basketing 5pm East Calder club hut. Otterburn 3.pdf
  20. Almond Valley Federation is racing from Catterick this weekend weather permitting. 40p per bird Anyone interested can bring their young birds to East Calder club hut on Friday at 5pm.
  21. Race marking for Otterburn Saturday morning for a 3pm ish liberation Saturday Afternoon weather permitting. Basketing at: East Calder 9am West Calder 9.30pm All welcome 40p a bird
  22. Almond Valley Federation is having a young bird race from Otterburn this weekend weather permitting. All welcome 40p a bird. Basketing in East Calder club hut and West Calder club hut day of basketing and times to follow.
  23. Almond Valley Federation result from Otterburn 2 YB Otterburn 2.pdf
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