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  1. 3 hours ago, Novice said:

    The disciplinary situation you mention was based on a lie. I know because I have seen all the relevant correspondence. It really takes a special breed of hypocrite to criticise other federations knowing that he has been involved in an attempt to exile fanciers from the sport they love and to take possession of the assets which these fanciers worked to acquire.

    However, as far as I am aware the afore mentioned fanciers, are now more than happy to be free from corruption and are enjoying their sport.

    in keeping with Pigeon Basics policy I don’t expect this post to be visible for long but it had to be said.

    Oh absolutely 100% 

  2. its a hard call either way Stuart . i could never be involved with race control .

    It is a hard one this weekend Andy and just this morning weather has changed a bit for tomorrow rain now coming in earlier mid afternoon here in west spreading east . Now only a small window to get birds up and home . Plenty folk criticise and would never do a job , I do it because I only ever think of the pigeons welfare . Too many shout there mouths off but keep their hands down when jobs come up at AGM,s.

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