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  1. hi i have a few Black tipplers and they have spots like stains on there head ? its as if they have been sticking there heads in the pots ? half the birds are young the other half are old birds ?
  2. DOES anyone know whats wrong with these two pigeons !! they look the picture of heaith yet have watery droppings been like it since August some *expletive removed* must know !! i have tried every thing and every quack medicine out there you name it i have tried it !! been on Belgcammo for 3 days with cobel as well .. the other twelve are fine one young hen and ten old birds . some one must know whats wrong with them ? no cures no tips just tell me whats wrong !!!!
  3. end of my fkg tether now trying belgcamo and cobel two days in no change yet . yet they handle great wattles white but droppings fkn terrible this is driving me fkn mad
  4. five pigeons with food on there perches tis morning to think i listened to that xxxx . birds were fine until i got parastop now a feel like killing the lot had enough been one thing after another since august , buying medicine from charletons fking sick of it !pigeons are supposed to be for joy not fking torment,, put parastop down the sink best place for it
  5. me as well , but i had two with wet droppings i phoned Belga weerd explained there droppings greenish soft and they told me to get parastop as the had paratyphoid and i would be better treating the lot . this i done more fool me...
  6. do you know if it makes birds vomit ?
  7. been giving Parastop to my pigeons the last three days and they have been bringing up there corn anyone seen this happen before with Parastop thank you
  8. had them on parastop for three days and some of them are throwing up there corn . has anyone seen this before ? thank you..
  9. got in touch with Belgica de weerd , been advised to use Parastop as they think its paratyphoid ..
  10. yes i got it from the pigeon pharmacy stall at blackpool show .. there not going light ?
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