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  1. These men should need no introduction results speak for themselves full of great tips and advice 10 pounds
  2. Will need to be uplifted 10 for both each one was 45 pounds
  3. Leo Herman’s part 1 and part 2 like new 2 dvds 10 pounds Ono
  4. As new condition vol 1 2 3 looking for 20 pounds Ovno for 3 dvds
  5. 10 Ono for both good dvds in new condition
  6. Full set 1 to 7 collection of jim Jenner films like new looking for 40 pounds each dvd was over 20 pounds each some more
  7. Sold pending payment thanks
  8. Like new dvds looking for £10 for all 4
  9. Tauris clock 2 pads 2x 5 metre cable input output fanciers manual and all plugs and carry case for clock 250 pounds
  10. Les green unplugged dvd 1 racing old birds dvd 2 les green racing young birds both played once looking for 15 pounds for both
  11. Gareth rankin pair now sold thanks for the interest
  12. Parrot now sold thanks for interest
  13. Looking for offers for t3 practically new with data printer all in excellent condition number on it is 3186 battery is three years old it is orange faced still holding time on face looking for offers
  14. Cheers for the good health message Roland appreciate it
  15. Birdroom light controls 10 40 watt bulbs at a time or can do only 1 or 2 up to 10 choice is yours great for winter breeding or putting birds on dark or light system paid 140; for it looking for 40 pounds no offers
  16. African grey parrot 8 yrs old no vices sings dances whistles mimics almost anything great bird comes with stainless steel cage lasts forever looks good always and parrot stand loads of toys she’s 8 years old well mannered and great company very hard decision but due to illness all must go good home is more important than the money people will be vetted
  17. Both books in @1 condition hard to find the two of them looking for best over 100 for the pair well worth more
  18. Hi I have for sale 2 Robert Rome stock birds excellent breeding from dark misty faradew lines absolute quality YB from them cock bird gb 14 ring Hen from from Robert Rome dark misty Rome sister ruby bought at his sale on Roberts advice to pair together paid good money for the pair looking for 150 pounds for them which is a fraction of what was paid also for sale two su15 birds bought at Gareth rankins sale cock bird is direct from Rossi lad and is full of Leo van riijn bloodlines hen bird is willie macoloneys blood line from janefield 20 janefield 42 looking for 100 the pair these birds are only for sale as I’m leaving the sport due to I’ll health I also have a pair of Mcmullan brothers a cock van reet bloodlines gb 17 birds looking for 100 the pair a hen from one loft race gb17 ring B.B. pied hen bred by the Tom dick and harry syndicate excellent hen and breeding u see you’ll buy I’ve got other stock birds as well looking for 50 pounds each stock bird u see them you’ll buy I also have a race team 25 birds good racers and excellent bloodlines from my own birds and I have 10 left that I bought from rab anderson I bought 30 YBS from him two years ago I believe mostly van reet blood looking for 20 each or buy a load I’ll make a deal. Cheers for taking the time to read all of the above I won’t be hard to deal with
  19. Unikon ets system complete with 3 pads base pocket clock 10 metre extension cable 5 metre extension cable 2x3 metre extension cable power supply everything in great order plus 80 ets rings looking for 450 the lot Ono
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