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  1. To Andrew suckle such a childish and cringeworthy statement from anyone not one of those celtic players or fans had anything to do with you’re statement of celtic boys club you can’t even enjoy you’re first moment of victory without abuse Big jock as you call him was one of you’re own who helped the dying from your ground that day no respect no honour you shame yourself with such statements there’s banter and there’s just being a *expletive removed* or bigot whatever suits you is there for you to decide appalling reply on a public forum

  2. Pigeon loft for sale 20 feet x 7 feet wide 7 ft 6 high back 7ft at front can be 3 sections or 2 section loft 16 big nest boxes 40 easy clean perches with built in electric lights and plugs all the wood is 3/4 inch thick tongue and grove not cheap timber roof and floor is all 1 inch flooring a solid welll built loft. roof is only a year old box profile sheets with polycarbonate skylights and loft has unique floor and wall ventilation system Roofing materials alone cost me over 500 pounds there’s is also two Sputnik traps on front and two box aviaries all in all a cracking loft looking for £ 750 no offers a hand will be giving to take down and load on to pick up or trailer

  3. Six birds left all young stock birds looking for 150 pounds for the lot paid 500 for 1 of them have to go soon as possible as I’m not well enough to look after them I also have 8 racers left that have to go 10 each all have raced 2 program minimum staff van reets fae rab anderson cracking doos a steal And the other 4 are Leo van Rijn best lines or make me a genuine offer you won’t go wrong with these

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