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  1. Can I ask is there any Basic member still got their training and race programme rule books from the 1990's and early 00's CHEERS.
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    On behalf of the members of the FEDERATION I would like to thank Joe Murphie for his service of getting our weekly results into the Homing World, really much appreciated
  3. The Fife Fed birds were liberated at 10:15 in a Lt N/E wind, clock checking will be 7pm promt at Novar CHEERS
  4. Fife federation will be marking on Thursday for a Friday race at Novar club rooms between 6pm & 8pm CHEERS
  5. After a correction to Crossgates club result, the west section now reads W5 Keith Cochrane 1146.44 W6 J. Hynd &son 1136.17 W7 J. Hynd & son 1135.05 W8 J. Hynd & son 1129.82 W9 J. Hynd & son 1129.82 W10 J. Hynd & son 1129.6
  6. Correct on both counts Gary I'll e mail all and let them know. Don't know what went wrong as correct details in ma book. CHEERS
  7. A correction to velocities Wooler YB WEST Sec. The velocities for positions 2 - 10 have been amended as follows 948.56, 948.29, 948.15, 948.01, 947.32, 946.63, 945.81, 943.89, 943.48. CHEERS
  8. Well done Brian and ALL timers, that'll be a dbl well done Brian
  9. Well done Geordie and ALL timers
  10. Allan Cassidy would like it known that he now has full returns from Brighton 10-10
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