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    Look for nothing , Just found the RPRA site and reported it through there. If the bird belongs to anyone on here just get in touch with me. Thanx.
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    There will be a charity sale this Sunday the 1st of April in Newmains Flying Club think they are in the region of 54 lots all money raised goes to Yorkhill Hospital , Some right good names on the list with even one coming from the Royal Lofts.
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    Tryed to report it on the RPRA site but seems the site is down , GB 03 C 2825 Any information would be of help..
  4. Thanx a lot , that helped a great deal
  5. Hi folks, hope everyone had a good weekend at blackpool, was just wondering if anyone took in this sale, if so i'm looking for a little information regards lot16 of the van reets if anyone can tell me the price it fetched. thanx in advance..
  6. A very happy new year to all on pigeon basics..
  7. Can i just put this back to the top ? it is a unfortunate sale.
  8. I know its on the wrong board but it is a unfotunate sale. http://www.pigeonbasics.com/clubs/newmainsflyingclub/
  9. Follow the link ...http://www.pigeonbasics.com/clubs/newmainsflyingclub/ Please support this unfortunate sale . Thank you.
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    Newmains TAMMY_1.
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    Thanks for the help.
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    Sent the details last night mate!! Just thought i would have had a reply by now!
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    Hi all, trying to start a new club site was wondering how long it takes for the e-mail to come back with the details on. Thanx in advance.
  14. Lanarkshire away at 8.45 S/W wind..
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