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The Joe Murphy Column 7/2/20

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Posted 7 February 2020 - 12:06 PM

The Joe Murphy Column

I start off this article with some great personal news our grandson Conner whom I have often put his photograph in the column as he loves to help me in the loft. Conner was born with perforated eardrums so obviously he has had problems with his hearing. He has seen doctors all his live and last year a young doctor saw him and advised him and his mum that he could put in a piece of bone into his ear and then a sink graft to make an ear drum. Last October when we were on holiday Conner face timed us to say he had the operation but he was a poor wee soul when we saw him. Then one day while he was sitting at our French doors in our living room he shouted to his gran to come and see him. When Margaret came through he said to her ‘Can you hear the rain hitting the window’ Yes I can she said ‘Can You’ and he said he did. We burst into tears of joy and were so happy for him that at 7 years old he could now hear. In October the doctor took him back into hospital to undergo the same procedure on his other ear and last week was his birthday and he had an appointment with the doctor who gave him more tests and the outcome is he can now hear in his right ear as well. As this was the day before his 8 birthday this was the best present he could ever wish for. To say we are over the moon is an understatement and his next test is having a shower with no headband and hopefully not any infections afterwards. Having his hearing should also help him with his school work, so fingers crossed for Conner.

1914 Trophy Winner

A while back I wrote about Anne Barrett of Kirkintilloch who contacted me asking if I could help her out by supplying some information on a trophy her grandfather Thomas Bell of Kilsyth won in the SNFC Rennes race in 1914 flying in partnership with Mr Lockhart. I received a phone call from Allen Concliffe of Wolverhampton who informed me that he has got 8 of these trophies. They have the same pigeon but different handles and are a collectable item for pigeon fanciers who can pay anything from £10 up to £1100 for them depending on their condition. These were made by Norman S Rhead of Corby who had a foundry in the Potteries. There is one way of knowing if this is from this source as Norman Reid should be named at the bottom of the tail of the pigeon. (Anne’s mother’s trophy has the name there plus Fenton Corby see photograph). Allen told me that Carr’s pigeon products had bought a pair of them for £7000 many years ago. My thanks go to Allan for contacting me regarding the above. My dear friend Billy Bilsland of Ayton contacted me regarding her grandfather Thomas Bell of Kilsyth from were Billy once lived. He has heard of the stories about the Rennes race and as far as he can remember Thomas was fishing at Carronbridge which is over the Campsie Hills from Kilsyth. Someone told Thomas there was a bird home and he had to run down the TAK-MA-DOON road to get to the loft, which was above the garage in Kilsyth. (My mum says she is not too sure about the story about her dad being fishing at Carronbridge as she never knew him to go fishing. She still says he ran to Castlehill...that is the story that she heard.) At that time there was a lot of pigeon clubs as most fanciers worked in the local coal mines around the area of Croy; Queenzieburn and Kilsyth which was the biggest club in the vicinity. I’m led to believe that a tragic accident happened to the Bell & Lockhart birds as one of the mechanic was spray painting a car in the garage and the fumes rose upwards into the pigeon loft and a number of birds were killed by the fumes. Another fancier phoned and left a message on my1571 call back number and when I went to write down his remarks the message was no longer there, so I’m sorry to whoever this fancier was. My thanks to the fanciers who contacted me regarding the above issue regarding the history of the trophy? Anne wrote ‘Sorry haven't been able to find out any more about what we had discussed. Yes there is writing is by the tail feathers of the pigeon. I have attached a photo of you. Only thing I have come up with so far is that there were other items associated with the pigeons for example a larger, floor standing vase and a tea set. My aunt in Coventry had the tea set and I’m trying to find out who has it now since she went into the home. Not sure yet what happened to the larger vase but will continue to try to find out. I will let you know if I get anywhere with my searches. I will also ask about the accident with the pigeons. Joe I wish to thank you for all the help you are giving us in trying to get the story of the trophy, also to all the people who have contacted you regarding this. To put some history to the trophy has been excellent for my mother and the other members of the family. As you can understand we are not pigeon people and to find out all this wonderful history on my grandfather is truly amazing, once again many many thanks yours Anne Barrett’.

Billy Bilsland with John Pryde

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Front of Trophy

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Writing on trophy.j

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Good SNFC Birds

This week I’m going to highlight 3 pigeons with 2 of them from the same fancier but from 2 lofts, these belong to Scott Irving Junior of Annan. The first pigeon is a gay pied hen GB16V13444 who in 2017 won 2nd section A 2nd open when Scott won the first 3 open positions in the Falaise race flying 446 miles from an entry of 802 birds sent by 199 members. The pied hen then went on to win twice in 18 being 16th section A 75th open from Buckingham a distance of 226 miles competing against 2941 birds sent by 409 members. She then won 39th section A 293rd open from Maidstone a distance of 306 miles from an entry of 2957 birds entered by 421 members. Scott’s second pigeon was flying to Loft 2 and is a blue bar hen GB15V09454 as a 2 year old she was entered into the Gold Cup race from Alencon and won 14th section A 21st open flying 477 miles against 1472 birds sent by 403 members. The following year 2018 she was sent to Buckingham competing against 2941 birds sent by 441 members and she won 106th open but no section diploma. She then went to the Liege race a distance of 476 miles and she won 10th section A 60th open against an entry of 1072 birds sent by 327 members. Last year she was again sent to Buckingham and won 26th section A 141st open against a convoy of 3876 birds entered by 465 members.

My next pigeon is a mealy cock SU15S1678 raced by Billy Van Nuil of Gretna as a 2 year old he won 6th section A no open position from an entry of 2320 birds entered by 409 members from the Ypres race flying 379 miles. In 2018 he was sent to Buckingham a distance of 223 miles and he won 45th section A 49th open from an entry of 2941 birds sent by 441 members. Last year 2019 he won twice the first from the Gold Cup race from Burdinne a distance of 457 miles to his loft winning 4th section A 68th open competing against 2957 birds sent by 421 members. He then went back into the Roye national and won 9th section A 88th open flying 440 miles from an entry of 935 birds sent by 215 members. This cock therefore has won a SNFC Silver Award for his 3 times section prize winner performances.

Joe’s Joke

The owner of a drug store walked into his store one day, only to notice a man leaning heavily against a wall. The owner went over to his staff member behind the counter and asked them, “What’s wrong with that guy over there by the wall?” The staff member replied, “Oh him – he came in here this morning to get something for his cough. I couldn’t find any cough syrup, so I gave him an entire bottle of laxative instead.” The owner shouted, “You fool! What were you thinking? You can’t treat a cough with laxatives!” The staff member said, “Of course I can. Look at him, he’s not coughed once since I gave it to him – he’s scared too!”

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