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The Joe Murphy Column 5/7/19

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Posted 7 July 2019 - 22:24 PM

Congratulations to Mark Gilbert of Windsor on a truly outstanding result from the Pau International race when he timed in 3 birds flying 562 miles on the day. To take the first 8 positons in the BICC national and won 4th 5th & 7th International result from an entry of 12,119 pigeons, truly amazing well done Mark.

SNFC Gold Cup

We have entered 7 birds into the SNFC Burdinne Gold Cup Race for this Friday the 28th June 2019 with 358 members sending 1251 birds broken down into the following sections; A – 201 birds; B – 259 birds; C – 237 birds; D – 125 birds; E – 307 birds; F – 46 birds & G – 76 birds. As I write this report a day before the race we have ALL been advised on TV by the news and weather reporters about the heat that is in Europe and the UK with temperatures up into the high 40’s in France. One fancier has reported to me that there are only 18 birds in each basket, which is superb as this is what I have advocated for a few years. Let’s hope the birds take advantage of this and have a good drink before being released to fly the 500 + miles home. I have also heard a ‘rumour’ that the convoyer’s are refusing to send a photograph of the SKY at the liberations site prior to the birds release back to the race control team. If this is true then how can the race control team do their job to 100% capacity? This is something that will need to be looked into by the management committee of the SNFC.

End of Era

Bruce McKenzie has informed me that the late Joe Hunt sale will be held on Sunday 14th July in the Black Watch club in Arthurstone Terrace Dundee DD4 6RS viewing is from 1pm sale starts at 2pm. All of Joe's top birds will be for sale including ‘Cool Hand Luke’ his SNFC Silver and Bronze Award winner. Joe's main family was the Jan Aarden but has recent imports from Marshall & Smith, Geoff & Catherine Cooper, Ian Stafford, Bob Besant, L and K Buddle and other top fanciers. He also has the best from Bruce’s top national birds as they were the best of friends. Anyone wishing further information can contact Bruce on 07719929255.

Early Arrival

On the same day as the SNFC Maidstone race Derek Hay sent 20 pigeons with his federation to the come-back race from Aycliffe a distance of 100 miles. This was used as a training toss for his national pigeons. Derek had sent 6 birds to the national a distance of 367 miles and timed 6 out of 6 on the day. He had 19 out of his 20 home from the Aycliffe comeback race and left his ETS clock switched on and when went to bed. When he went out in the morning there was his hen home in the loft from the comeback race. On checking his ETS low and behold she had come home at 03-31am he could not believe it arriving at this time. We are all sleeping at this time but it must have been light enough for her to be on the wing. It just shows you that it must have been light enough for her to fly regardless of where she spent the night. It just goes to prove that even when a pigeon makes a mistake the love of home is so much that it gives everything to get home, as this hen has proved by coming home so early. Imagine getting a bird in from a long distance national race at that time, this memory would live with you forever. I have to say that on the longest day 22nd June it was a beautiful night up here and when I went to bed after 11pm it was still light outside. So much so that sensors lights in the garden did not come on as it was not dark enough. As I write this article on the 26th June Derek has informed me that he let his pigeon out last night at 20-30pm and some of his old birds were still flying at 1-00am this morning and ALL came in at 4-30am. Needless to say he did not sleep much last night and to prove this he sent me a video of it and he has posted it on Facebook. Talk about the night fliers in Holland we have them up here in Scotland as well. This weekend is the Ypres national race so let us hope the weather is good and we experience an excellent race, good luck to all who compete.

Race Results

Angus Federation had 297 birds to Otterburn on the 22nd June liberated at 08-00 hours with no wind at the liberation site. Keeping up their top form after winning the federation last week and being 2nd open from the SNFC the winners are Macaulay, Ferguson & Curran who win 1st 9th 10th with Bob Baldie in 2nd 8th 15th 16th & 17th open with David J Liddle in 3rd 4th he is followed by David Glen in 5th & 18th places with Kenny Droog & son is 6th with Ian Scott winning 11th 12th 13th 14th 19th & 20th positions.

East Section is won by Graham Campbell of Montrose with another bird in 9th spot. Kevin J Murphy of Arbroath is 2nd 3rd 4th 8th & 10th section with D & D Hay of Gourdon winning 5th & 6th places Arty Whyte of Montrose is 7th.

Club Winners; Forfar 229 birds won by Macaulay Ferguson & Curran: Montrose 18 birds won by G Campbell; Gourdon 20 birds won by D & D Hay; Arbroath 30 birds won by K J Murphy.

Arbroath RPC had 5 members sending 30 birds with Kevin J Murphy winning the first 5 places in the club Charlie & Glen Cameron take the nest 3 places with Gordon McKenzie making up the result. 1st club doing a velocity of 1368 was a 2 year old cock on the drive, he is a direct son of Kevin’s 4th open SNFC Alencon winner ‘My little Rachel’ when paired to a Crammond & Langstaff cock that is from Mark Gilbert lines being from a son of Kannibaal Barcelona when paired to a direct daughter of the New Laureaat winner of 1st International Barcelona. The 2nd club winner is a 2 year old blue hen sitting eggs she was a gift bird from Rob Glover of Earl Shilton and a full brother won from an inland smash and also won twice for Rob. A full sister won 4 x 1st prizes (2 in 2018) but Rob lost her from Vire. This hen is also bred down through Mark Gilbert lines where the father is inbred to Starlight on the father side as he was a son of Starlight (2nd International Tarbes) when paired to Melissa (1st International Yearling Agen/ Bordeaux) and on the Dam side being from ‘Starlight’ paired to Southfield Jane (1st open NFC Saintes). The dam of Rob’s hen is a Michael Van Lint hen. 3rd club is a yearling mealy cock on the drive doing a velocity of 1278; sire bred by my good friend Sheldon Leonard of Arklow being the best of Daniel Aerens bloodlines being bred from a son of 1st National Orange winner when paired to a full sister to ‘I had a Dream’ winner of 1st International hens 5th open International Barcelona. Dam of 3rd club winner is an inbred Gilmour Brothers of Leven hen bred from a son of ‘Robbie’s Boy’ winner of 1st open SNFC Falaise and is the sire of Kevin’s 4th open Alencon ‘My Little Rachel’ mentioned above when paired to a direct daughter of Robbie’s Boy. The 4th pigeon is from a son of Robbie’s Boy when mated to a full sister to ‘Kingdom Spirt’ the SHU Dewar trophy winner for George & Brian Hunter of Dunfermline and the 5th pigeon was bred by my good friend Gareth Rankin of Larkhall who no longer keeps the pigeons.

Ayrshire Federation

The federation next race in their calendar was once again another joint convoying venture with the SNFC from Maidstone. The SNFC convoy of 2,957 was made up with 170 Ayrshire pigeons but not all of these pigeons would have been duplicated into the SNFC. I don’t think we see the true picture of the total birds liberated as the SNFC figures do not seem to include the pigeons that are joint convoyed and not enter into the SNFC in the breakdown of their birdage. Leading the way in to Ayrshire from Maidstone taking 1st federation, 1st section F & 222nd pen on 1588.1 is a man who knows all about setting up and conditioning pigeons for these types of race’s, and was Ayrshire’s top fancier in 2018 Robert Reid of Beith. As well as lifting 1st section F, Robert was also 4th, 5th, 7th 8th and 17th section a fantastic team performance from Robert. Robert’s winning pigeon is something special to him and he goes on to say, ‘She was bred from what was my best stock pair for several years. I bred the sire in 2004 and he was a very consistent racer both at federation level and also with the SNRPC. The dam was SU07L20225 bred by Ken Buchanan and gifted to me. She was a dark chequer (without feathers on her legs and never breeds feather legs Ken) so probably bred from George Brownlee stock. My 1st section F winner was sitting 17 days on eggs on the day of the race. Because of the federation transporter problems the furthest distance she raced from before Maidstone was 180 miles. She went to the Arniston comeback race on the weekend before the Maidstone race. She has always been a very consistent racer. In 2016 she was 1 minute out of race time or would have won 1st section only bird in race time in the Gold Cup race of 2017. She was 2nd section Ypres in 2018 and now she has finally claimed her well-deserved 1st section F and a well-earned retirement to the stock loft at 5 years of age. 2nd federation and 2nd section F SNFC on a velocity of 1562.3 is the partnership of John Grant and Stevie McGovern from Stevenston, flying in Ardeer HS. Again this partnership is never far away from the top of the results; John was telling me their timer ‘773’ is a chequer hen, her sire was bred by no other than man who takes 1st fed this week Robert Reid and the dam is a Koopman bred down from their Galaxy Loft birds. ‘773’ mother won 3rd fed Ypres a few years ago into Ayrshire. She had 3 races last year winning the final race from Ripon that was a bit of a disaster as the partnership had the only 2 pigeons in the club. This year ‘773’ has had 3 races then she was paired up after the Ripon race. The partnership decided not to send her to the first inland national because she had just laid but went to Maidstone race sitting 15 day eggs. In 3rd federation, 3rd section F in the SNFC on a velocity of 1535.8 is Tom Smith of West Kilbride. Tom timed a beautiful red cheque hen sitting on chipping eggs. I had noticed this pigeon a few years back when visiting Tom and mentioned at the time she was an outstanding looking pigeon and it’s no surprise now to see her up there with the winners. The breeding ‘as Tom puts it’ is of the 4 base pigeons that founds his lofts. These birds came from, J Dalgliesh of Ecclefechan, R S Rome of Annan, Mel Mayo of Bargoed and Alan Atkinson of Sandycroft. 4 outstanding lofts full of SNFC, Midlands Flying Club and Welsh National Flying Club winners.

Now for winners in and around the clubs

North Section 194 Birds

1st Dalry HS is Robert Reid 1588.1; 1st Ardeer HS is Grant & McGovern 1562.3; 1st Kilwinning HS is I Crossan 611.20

Central Section 31 Birds

1st Irvine HS is Harvey Pollock 1448.0; 1st Darvel HS is Robert Donegan 1387.0;

1st Kilmarnock Invitation is Ricky Young 1265.9; 1st Crosshouse HS is Andy Wilson 981.7;

South Section 45 Birds

1st Whitletts & District are Boyd Bros 1371.4; 1st Dalmellington is M McLarty 1316.5; 1st Annbank & District is G Simpson 1198.7; and 1st Cumnock & District is J Mackenzie 1013.6.

Central Federation

Broxburn & Uphall RPC

News from Bernie Britton who writes ‘Hi Joe can I first of all thank you for the nice way you reported about the passing of Davie Gullane’s wife. We had 5 members sending 96 birds to Appleby they were liberated at 07-00 into a south wind. Taking 1st club 6th federation is John McNeill with a dark chequer hen on roundabout from his good mate Terry Rigney from his Woodroffe Brothers breeding. 2nd & 3rd club 8th & 10th fed is Gordon Mackenzie with a blue bar cock on roundabout bred from his original Gabby’s from M & D Evans. Gordon’s 2nd bird is a blue bar cock again on roundabout he is a Gabby from D & J Hawkins & Evans. Other fed positions won are Gordon 11th & 19th with J Ferguson in 14th place thanks once again Joe for all your help Yours Bernie’.

Bo’ness result

News from Martyn Brown who writes ‘Hi Joe, please find the report for Bo’ness Homing society race from Maidstone in convoy with SNFC birds on Saturday 15th June which was the longest federation inland race of the season with 298 birds entered with 103 of these being Bo’ness birds making up a convoy of 2957 national birds. The birds were liberated at 07:00 in a light south west wind for the third week in a row the honour of 1st club went to yours truly, only this time I achieved the added bonus of 1st fed, 1 section D, 16th open SNFC. Making his 2nd club win a row is the same yearling cock I won with last week with a velocity of 1683ypm. The pigeon was bred by the Brighton’s partnership of Angus Orr & Son. The cock was bred from the stock loft with his sire being an Alex Docx cock that was specifically bought for stock, the mother is a blue pied hen that is Micky Betts lines, she was a consistent racer and was put to stock after she won 1st open Scottish Central 3 bird club from Rivenhall. I must thank both Angus and Allan for their generosity as I purchased his nest mate at the North West federation breeder buyer and they were kind enough to gift me him along with her. Hitting the cross bar again for the third week in a row and making it two 2nd places in 2 consecutive races for the same pigeon is the loft of Andrew Brown winning 2nd club 4th fed. Timing a yearling chequer cock with a velocity of 1676ypm, this cock is a Leo Herman crossed Gust Janssen flown on roundabout all season. He was then paired up and sitting 10 day eggs before being sent only getting beaten by decimals for 2nd spot and finishing 3rd club, 5th fed, 4th section D, 20th open SNFC, was the Polmont loft of Jim Smith. Jim has followed up his impressive 1st section D win from Buckingham with another good pigeon here. He timed a yearling chequer cock a Busschaert cross with Gaby Vandenabeele and had been driving his hen hard all week. I end this report with my congratulations going to John McNeill on winning the Scottish Central 3 Bird Club yearling race from Billericay and a big well done to my club mate Joe Smith coming in a close 2nd, timing the same hen “Chucky” he topped the Central fed with in the very 1st race of the season from Otterburn. Good luck to you and Kevin from the national races Joe yours Martyn’.

Andy Miller SNFC Gold Cup winner 2019.jpg

Attached File  Andy Miller SNFC Gold Cup winner 2019.jpg (689.92K)
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John Grant & Stevie McGovern 2nd Fed

Attached File  John Grant & Stevie McGovern 2nd Fed.jpg (26.37K)
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GusAzzi see Bo'ness race report.

Attached File  GusAzzi see Bo'ness race report.jpg (439.06K)
Number of downloads: 2

Robert Reid 1st Fed Maidstone (1)

Attached File  Robert Reid 1st Fed Maidstone (1).JPG (91.05K)
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SNFC Gold Cup winner 2019.

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Tom Smith 3rd Fed Maidstone

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East of Scotland Federation

News from Tom McEwen who writes, ‘Hi Joe please find the last old bird federation result for this season, makes you wonder were the weeks go as it does not seem that long ago when we started off the new season. From the Billericay open federation race the convoy was liberated at 06-15 am into a light south east wind. Graham Wardhaugh of Dirleton wins 1st open. In with a nice double of 2nd & 5th open is Tam Hunnam of Port Seton with John Bird of Prestonpans with a treble winning 3rd 7th & 8th open another Jim McNeil of Tranent also has a treble winning 4th 6th & 9th open. Elphinstone’s Richard & Jamie Combe make up the top 10 open places.

Prestonpans HS

Taking the top spot is Tam Hunnan with a Braspenning cock sitting 10 days on eggs, this cock won 4th club 5th federation from last week’s race from Ripon and was Tam’s pool bird this week. 2nd club is John Bird with a Vandenabeele cock from Woodside lofts. He was sent to the race with his hen just laid her 2nd egg, he is also a previous winner of 4th club 6th federation from Newark and won 3rd club 8th federation Melton Mowbray. Tam Hunnan wins 3rd club with a Braspenning hen siting 10 days on eggs, she won 6th club 10th federation from Ripon last week. Well that’s the last old bird federation race Joe just the national races left and we wish you and Kevin all the very best for these long distance race, yours Tom’.

Fife Federation of Homing Pigeons Societies

278 birds were liberated at 05-30 in a light south wind at the Peterborough race on the 22nd June with the federation top 10 as follows; Brian Chalmers of Kennoway is 1st 2nd 4th & 10th with C Wright of Lochgelly club in 3rd & 7th places. Maureen Henderson of Lochgelly club is 5th with R Anderson of St Andrews club in 6th & 8th positions. Wattie Forman makes up the top 9th position. East section had Kennoway sending 60 birds; Leven 18 birds; Methilhaven 24 birds and St Andrews no details sent in. Brian Chalmers took the first 3 places in the section plus 6th & 9th with R Anderson of St Andrews wining 4th & 5th places; Jim Mackie of Leven is 7th with club mates Gilmour Brothers in 8th spot. A Suttie of St Andrews makes up the top 10. The West Section birdage was as follows; Lochgelly 53 birds; Crossgates 32 birds and Dunfermline no details. Topping the section is C Wright of Lochgelly with other birds in 3rd & 8th positions. Maureen Henderson of the same club is 2nd section with Wattie Foreman of Novar in 4th spot. Jock Brockie of Lochgelly club is 4th with Crossgates members Dougie Barnes wining 6th position just ahead of J Hynd & son of the same club in 7th spot. D Russell again from Crossgates club is 9th with Frank Mitchell of Dunfermline club winning 10th spot. Centre Section had 41 birds sent from Novar with Sean Diamond of Kennoway club winning 1st & 2nd section flying into the village of Star of Markinch

Pentlandhill federation

News from Andy Miller of the Billericay open old bird race flown on Saturday 22nd of June with the convoy of 837 birds entered by 73 members liberated at 06-15 hours with no wind at the race point. The partnership of Brown & Black from Woodburn club take the top honour plus 3rd 4th 5th & 13th open winning £1408-85 for their days work. Some brief details of Davie’s 4 leading pigeons, all flown on his variation of the ‘chaos system’. The 1st open is a 2 year old blue pied hen her sire is a grandson of ‘Pre-Olympic’ (Vandenabeele) and her dam is a granddaughter of ‘Zonka’ a (Baertsoen). The 3rd open is a 4 year old pencil blue cock a Busschaert crossed Lambrecht. This pigeon was 83rd open SNFC Ypres last year. The 4th open is a yearling blue chequer hen she is a Jan Aarden cross the 5th open is a 2 year old blue cock a Cooreman. Mr & Mrs Lindsay of Danderhall are 2nd open with Stevie Girdwood of Sighthill in 6th place he is followed by J Pryde of Arniston who is also wins 14th open. 8th place is won by W Hume of Danderhall with A Anderson of Loanhead club in 9th spot. Willie Pryde & son John of Arniston are 10th with D & J Allen of Woodburn in 11th sport just ahead of Steve Lapinski of the same club. J Milne of Arniston is 15th & 16th with S McVey of Danderhall club in 17th spot just ahead of D & J Allen of Woodburn club H Russell of Bonnyrigg club is 19th with J Dewar of Arniston making up the top 20 positions.

Traprain RPC

News from John Baillie who writes ‘Hi Joe, please find the result from the Ripon race; Tony Young had the birds away at 08-15 into south west wind, with Midlothian and Almond Valley liberated from the same transporter with a fast race developing. Winning this week is the same yearling that previously won the club from the Wakefield race and won the Arniston Breeder/Buyer prize last year, do we have another champion in progress for Jimmy Mark. The winning pigeon is a cock and this takes a bit of doing by winning 2 races in a season in Traprain club. He now joins the Thomson partnership champion ‘Seton Queen’ who also has achieved this feat this season. In 2nd place is John Baillie with a 2 year old cock inbred to ‘Mark’s Lady’ who won 9th open Ypres SNFC, this cock topped the East of Scotland federation last year. In 3rd place with their fantastic hen ‘Seton Queen’ is the partnership of Sinclair Thomson & Son. As a matter of interest Joe returns were excellent again from this race. Some club members are awaiting birds from SNRPC Billericay as I’m typing this up report, best wishes to you and Kevin in the SNFC races yours John B’.

North of Scotland Federation

Had 54 members sending 557 birds to Peterborough liberated in a very light south wind. The west section had 24 members sending 233 birds with G Wilson Devern Valley club taking the first 2 places in the open and west section. 3rd open and west section are Fulton & Ritchie Loft 1 of the same club. The east section had 24 members sending 233 birds with the 1st east section 4th open is R Barclay of Fraserburgh West End club with A Milne of Devern Valley in 4th west section 5th open. Walter Masson of Fraserburgh & District is 2nd east section 6th open he is followed by Robbie Higgins from Fraserburgh West End club with Chris Donaldson of Peterhead club in 4th 5th 10th 11th 12th east section 8th 9th 15th 16th & 18th open. J (Ian) Gibb of Fraserburgh & District club is 6th east section 10th open with A Wilson from Devern Valley club in 5th 9th & 10th west section 12th 21st & 23rd open R Wilson of Keith club is 6th west section 17th open with C McRae of Fraserburgh & District winning 19th open 13th section. P Sherman of Devern Valley club is 7th west section 20th open with club mate J Able in 9th west section 22nd open.

Club first bird as follows; G Wilson wins Devern Valley; R Barclay wins Fraserburgh West End; W Masson wins Fraserburgh & District; C Donaldson wins Peterhead & District; R Wilson wins Keith; J Thomson wins Elgin & District; Eric & Nicky Yule wins Inverurie; G Russell wins Buckie & District. Well done to G Wilson on topping the federation and also well done to R Barclay on winning the East Section, many thanks once again Joe yours George Duthie.

Joe’s Joke

A teacher is teaching a class and she sees that Johnny isn't paying attention, so she asks him, "If there are three ducks sitting on a fence, and you shoot one, how many are left?" Johnny says, "None." The teacher asks, "Why?" Johnny says, "Because the shot scared them all off." The teacher says, "No, two, but I like how you're thinking." Johnny asks the teacher, "If you see three women walking out of an ice cream shop, one is licking her ice cream, one is sucking her ice cream, and one is biting her ice cream, which one is married?" The teacher says, "The one sucking her ice cream." Johnny says, "No, it’s the one with the wedding ring on, but I like how you're thinking!"

Or you can use this other one!!!!

The owner of a drug store walked into his shop one day, only to notice a man leaning heavily against a wall. The owner went over to his staff member behind the counter and asked them, “What’s wrong with that man over there by the wall?”

The staff member replied, “Oh him – he came in here this morning to get something for his cough. I couldn’t find any cough syrup, so I gave him an entire bottle of laxative instead.” The owner shouted, “You fool! What were you thinking? You can’t treat a cough with laxatives!” The staff member said, “Of course I can. Look at him, he’s not coughed once since I gave it to him – he’s too scared!”

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Who wish my weekly contribution portfolio on pigeon topics from Scotland

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Posted 8 July 2019 - 18:51 PM

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