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  1. Hi all,


    I've just started the hobby back up, and I am looking for young (This Years) pure white Logan's Racing Pigeons, with rings, and as young as possible.


    Had already acquired two young birds, which done a runner, dispite keeping them in for a while 😠. If anyone can help, would be greatly appreciated 😊


    Cheers guys,



  2. Thank you dude, I will have to contact the RPRA and find out for sure I guess :).


    Hi , I'm sure there will be a club in Romsey, I worked in Romsey for many years and flew in the Southampton & Dist.North Rd. For years when I lived at Marchwood

  3. Hello guys,


    So I am in the process of starting up again, but this time I want to start racing. I've had pigeons, on and off, for many years. Since a child really, and never raced them. Mainly kept as a hobby and as pets. I'm currently within the Romsey area, does anyone know what district I will come under? What club I can join to race from?




    Stevie :-)

  4. Hi all, trying to track down the owner to this bird, caught at work tonight 17/08/07.  


    Small Cheque hen, ring number GB 07 N66870.  Look like this young bird, has got lost in a race, as she still has her rubber ring on.  


    She is with me at present, even though I no longer keep racing pigeons, I will look after her until I can track the original owner down.


    Anyone knows, who she belongs to, please mail me  ;D


    Thank you


    Steve  :)

  5. No mate, not got the room for one of them monsters!! lol.  The guy who is breeding my Barn Owl, recommended a European Eagle Owl, But there are just too big mate!  I would consider getting one, just to do the the cats in, around my area!  Or maybe a Golden Eagle!  ;D   Let just call it revenge, from the 3 pure white Logan's, they slaughtered on me  :'(  You know the saying, what go's around, comes around!! lol




    Steve  :)





  6. I would say she will grow no more then 5 - 6 inches, they are quite a small owl.  In the wild, they normally eat insets, small lizard's and probably the occasional mouse.  At the moment, I am feeding her small chicks, which I buy frozen  :)  I will see if I can get a pic, of an adult scops, to give you an idea of there size.


    Steve  ;D  


    how big will she grow and what does she eat......



  7. He did say, as long as the protecting sack inside was not damaged and no fluid leaking out, then it is quite safe to seal up, and the chick will be quite safe  ;D  I always thought myself, that once an egg has been damaged, the chick would die!  I was gob smacked when he said you can repair the egg!!  :D


    Steve :)


    Technology of today is wonderful, as long as the wee chick is unharmed by the repairing substance it's great. :) :) :) :)



  8. No Probs  ;D  As far as I know, as long as the protector sack ( can't remeber what it is called!! :D ) inside the egg is not damaged!  You can seal it back up.


    Steve ;D





  9. Hi Chickadee.


    I will find out for you, so watch this space!  I will get all the details about it, and where you can buy it from.


    Steve :)



    Do you know the name of this silicone based substance? And is it really safe for the chicks?



  10. And here is some pic's of the White faced Scops Owl.  I will also be getting, one of them as well :)  I will post pics of him, when I get him next week.  he is still in his incubator at the moment, as he is only a week old.  The breeder say's he will be ready by the end of next week  ;D



    Steve  :)

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