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  1. Anyone got a spare fantail I like one keeps YB calm on return train/race,

    Had one for 8 year had to put it away as it went blind and could not feed

    Don't mind paying would even take a pair if in Scotland would collect if

    Within a reasonable distance.


    I know a guy that may still breed them, I will try and get his number and send it to you

  2. I agree that money is power. I also agree that the fancier is his own worst enemy. Yet in life we try to be goody two shoes , how many time are we asked to donate birds for this charity or that charity I know some are personal and we try to help our own kin. We run the biggest pigeon show in the world. What do we do with the profit give it away to charity, with no publicity A wee photo in the H/W Very good . How many charities do the RSPB donate to A big fat nil They would rather stand with the bucket out and beg from the public . £3 a month could make a diffrence thats there fav add. I dont have any answers but its time we did something or there will be a lot of pigeon lofts for sale on EBAY


    We should use the power of this site to raise awareness, admin should be campaigning and pushing for change not just worrying about site statistics and upsetting people, I know it is hard to change but we have a strong voice if we use it, Basics is still regarded as the voice of pigeon fanciers throughout the world

  3. As much as I hate them they are doing what's natural, pigeons breed any number of clutches to survive whereas predators only breed one clutch as they are the top of the food chain. I you send a number of pigeons up when they are looking for food to raise their young them train them to hunt they are going to take it and they young are going to survive a lot more adding to our problem.

    Pigeon racing has to change to combat this or the problem will continue and not only that it will grow as we have seen in recent years, Bigda is right(I can't believe I am saying that) but the money machine of the RSPB won't bat an eyelid if pigeon racing is obliterated from britain. they will take notice if their wee cute pamphlet cover song birds get decimated as they they make millions from us buying into feeding and housing them in our gardens creating more income for them, but if their 1,000,000 members at £3.00 a pop on top of all their merchandise complained then they would do something about it.

    Will pigeon men ever agree to change, well not yet, because speaking out is demonised incase you rock the boat of a one way Titanic and we all know how that turned out

  4. dont forget my young bird and the canaries and the black pudding and will txt you if I remember anything else :emoticon-0140-rofl:


    Aye Sammy he will have the black pudding on his guests a la carte menu you won't even see the grease aff it Sammy. I gave him a bird and it won a ticket at Blackpool, he is still selling the young aff it. The canaries will be next but they will be renamed rare breed "English High Peaks"

  5. Dinnae tell me his standards have dropped Sammy, me and Chickadee were treated very well by Liz, she is the rose and Tammy is the thorn of England a true *expletive removed*ry gent who still has his his first shilling tucked away tight, he is like Smeagol with a ring


    Harky will never change

  6. There is one at Balgonie Castle on the edge of Glenrothes on the A911 to Windygates and they have raised a few young in their time, The Laird of Nobody Cares uses it a marketing tool for his events and tells guests it is for keeping down the vermin pigeons

  7. Just let the ybs oot, as soon as they were oot, bang the Hen Peregrine takes one right out the air, i heard the wee birds chip like hell but it was too late, if there isnt 29 ybs come in, it didnt get away. :mad:


    First time ave saw that. :mad::mad:


    Is there still a pair at the quarry, you are only minutes from the nest and less if you are a peregrine, they must have raised a few young by now

  8. mate, B.leefe & sons sell a falcon & hawk deterrent for 11 quid , don`t know if it`s any good like , but you could send them an E-mail and ask about it, for the money it`s worth a go because of the problems you are having , go to their site and it`s in the supplements menu.


    If it is the eagle owl cd i have them, i can send you one, they have to played really loud and even that it is debateable if they work

  9. My first attempt at a pint and only pint in a pub was my 18th birthday with my step dad in the Alpha Bar in Smeaton Kirkcaldy which was my families local, I never drank because I was too busy training, it was to say the roughest in the area and I knocked the table and spilled it along with a few others. I was then thrown a mop by a Dunk Glen who ran it and was told a stretch inside would soon learn me how to use one

    The Alpha bar was famous for the darts player Jocky Wilson who I remember in his early days him playing for steak pies on a Sunday and selling mackerel in the pub to feed his family

    I just about bought the The Alpha Bar in the late 80's but a better opportunity came up, the rest is history

  10. Pigeons and other animals will find minerals etc from various sources for whatever they are craving, worms could be a problem as the high salt diet may kill off the eggs, racing pigeons should be wormed regularly, I have a half an oak barrel which has salt licks for horses on a post which they peck at, also type one ballast dust or small grains and crushed scallop shells and crushed sandstone yet they still root out other minerals. The guy next door works in agriculture and he is constantly on farms, the birds from the cotes, which never get ill, peck away under his car to get what they want and one pecks up his exhaust much to Carol's annoyance as it looks like it had a black head


  11. We have tried to rally pigeon fanciers in the past but pigeon fancier mentality is so petty that they end up arguing with each other as everyone wants to be at the helm and steer their own course. The RPRA who should take the helm are not interested as they are too frightened of the RSPB lobby and bad press for wanting to cull these beautiful birds that devastate lofts and cotes and the public are well groomed by nice pictures of them and the high majority think that pigeons are vermin

    I would support anyone that can stop this happening to our birds





    I could post loads more

  12. Well done, I hope you catch it, washing basket, stick and a long piece of string, place food under it and pull the string when it is under the basket.


    All pigeons are rock doves, just like cats and dogs they have been selectively bred to achieve things for humans, whether it be high class racing stock or mutant fancy breeds. The one you have is a bred for Dovecotes and dove release selectively bred to be pure white


    This is a runt bred for the table in france for high yield of meat, notice the size next to the racer, I selectively bred to get them pure white


  13. Just think Rembrandt he was a fool English till that Tammy Haggis ran away with the half baked tomato, he has lost his sausage although he knows where his breads buttered, I'm glad we just got laid last night he on the other hand is about to get poked by few soldiers


  14. Thanks for the welcome lads , i am in fact from Teeside but Boro not hartlepool , they did hang a monkey many years ago because they thought it might be a french spy and are known as the monkey hangers , i`m sure the badge of hartlepool rugby club is a monkey with a noose around it`s neck. i`m not sure where the term northern monkey comes from and had never heard of it until i moved south and some lad from bristol called me a northern monkey.

    I have lived and worked in Wales for the last 13 years and have wanted to start up with pigeons again , had them from a kid to my early 20s , i`ll be 50 next year and i`m being made redundant in november so have decided to build a loft and get a few birds, nearly started up a couple of years ago but as usual work got in the way.

    Theres a pigeon racing club within walking distance from my house so hope to race next year but we will see how it goes , need to do a bit of work shifting sheds ect first until i can build a loft.

    Looks a great site and looking forward to getting to know you lads.

    Cheers Andy.


    Welcome to Basics, not being into rugby or history in that area I genuinely did not know the term but I am now a bit wiser so thanks for that, us Scotts think it could be the real north like Wick or Inverness


    If you want a good pair of whites let me know and I will breed you a pair

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