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  1. Hi all my friend is looking at purchasing leen boers this year is there anyone on there thats got them and do they do very well with them? Any info on these would be most appreciated.









  2. The national no been good to him it’s his birds that’s been good to him you got birds away ??? day yi ever send any yirself laddie or day yi just talk a good race

  3. Will be leaving this one sided site as its not for me I have generated 5,000 of look ins, stood my ground. With what ever put before me, and yet for a. Few weasels on. Here running to the mods to have my post taken down,those on here are two faced and can't stomach the truth and will batter with. Me all day long till I get the better of them and all of a sudden they don't like. It check who has answers my posts and it will lead to the cants that have moaned. Like *expletive removed* to stop my answers this site is not for me, as they boys on here can. Cry wolf all they like sorry I. Came back helping. The site. To get the post

    up And having a laugh but the we cleek of billy goats on here are better with yous than with mee






    And now what we gonna do come on big Dan take it as much as yi give it man ,Every site needs and IDIOT and you fit in here perfectly <So wit is us PILGRIMS got to do now or are yi just needing a big HUG :drinking-coffee-200:

  4. They are protected under a “Protection of Birds Act “ by the RSPB along with many other birds they are not owned by the RSPB so i doubt very much the RSPB could be held responsible for them attacking our birds unfortunately

    [/quot hoo gets held responsible for erecting artificial nest sites be it on churches ot whatever high building in my opinion the OWNERS of the building is offering protection to them by allowing un natural nest sites sites ,something to think on :drinking-coffee-200:

  5. Within 30 years the kelpies will be flooded, alloa,Dundee, helensburgh, erskin ,large,adrossan, Greenock,Dumbarton, fife leith, Glasgow airport, braehead, Perth will all loose there shore line the water levels are rising at a rate of noughts if you have houses or property or a dooket move to higher ground don't say you where not told big da here for the pilgrims

  6. what has 55 got to do with it when you lot cheated and robbed old lizzie your title wins stopped at 54 the new rangers will have there first title win under rangers, newco fc ,it stopped your dreams of tiar didnt it and not only that we got rid of pop corn teef for yi as well :001: :001: :001: :001:

  7. The race has been offered for this year and that is what we should be aiming for, however, it should not be left to the committee to decide if this goes ahead. The decision should be made by the members of both nationals, the committees can decide how to communicate with their respective members, but it should be all be carried out with complete transparency. There are great fanciers in both nationals who would relish the competition and their wishes should be treated with respect. The decisions with regards to distances is surely not insurmountable and the committees can have this dealt with in a timely fashion. Nothing is too great a hurdle that reasonable men cannot overcome.

    The best post on here concerning this race would be great for pigeon racing into scotland and we should never forget its members that make both these great clubs work not committees

  8. i had lap-top problems earlier this year , and at the end of last . now resolved with a new one . however i have now accessed my E-mails and found that i had a number that i should have replied to . so if anybody that sent me an E-mail and didnt get the response they were looking for , then please accept an apology from me . :drinking-coffee-200:

    been waiting on a reply fae you fur free years past now so nae excuses :emoticon-0179-headbang:

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