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  1. cheers guys this has been sorted out by one of your good pigeon people. let me take this opportunity to thank you all and good luck in this sport of pigeon racing.
  2. hi all you scottish racing pigeon people. I recently had 5 strays in my loft here at benwell newcastle. ALL had SCH rings. so i spoke to steve Girdwood, a flyer from edinburgh, Who kindly asked me to get it touch with john jamieson (the convener ) of one of your organisations. I met him at swallwell cricket club and gave him the pigeons all in individual boxes. he had liberated from wetherby and i met him on the way back. my stray is at jim curans loft at dundee. if anyone is passing his area and coming to the northeast i would really appreciate it if they could bring my pigeon near me and let it go. I will even pay for the deisel. no probs
  3. hi guys. I will purchase 12 first rounders if thats ok. i am only interested in racing young birds because I am new to the game. my number is 07809750361. Newcastle west progressive ( benwell is my club ) i am a trucker for asda and will pick the pigeons up when needed. give me a ring and we can work things out
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