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  1. sent 40 birds to cattrick with av fed put clock into base stn it showed 36 birds timed at 8.o5 sh** or what




    sorry but I just cannot understand how this can happen, can an ets bird be timed in before it gets home.....what if a member just put his clock on before the birds were due would anyone know if he had birds home or not.........


    feel sorry for those members and poor show from unikon again


    The first thing I notice is that you are quick to question the integrity of others who don't agree with you, and quicker still to yelp when your own or your little band's 'integrity' appears to be questioned not by me (yet) in this thread but by others in other threads.


    How you can say that constantly decrying the SNFC and its committee at every opportunity on multiple threads on this Site accords with 'everything was done to protect the SNFC and its members' is quite frankly a sick joke. You and your band have done more damage to the SNFC and the fancy in Scotland than anyone in living memory. The pity is, you still appear to be the only ones that don't seem aware of that.




    delboy there is a lot or merit in what IB is saying, you and others seem to be on a crusade to "get your man" but how you have gone about it is nothing short of bullying and persecution. Integrity works both ways and is not the property of he who shouts loudest or makes the biggest noises. i am not saying what you refer to has not happened but there are procedures and guidelines which must be followed to obtain the correct outcome.


    i can understand that you are annoyed and frustrated by the apparent lack of interest and non co-operation from the relevant officals and union but lets be honest did you really expect anything else.  the union has stumbled from one mismanaged situation to another for years and when people highlighted what was going on you and others looked the other way, its a funny old world ehh.  


    I think you are right there Frank about 'on their toes'. There was a question asked on another thread how one club operates at a profit and the other at a loss? Haven't seen the current balance sheet yet, but if after the hikes last year to square the accounts, we still show a loss in this one, then its a damned good question for the SNFC AGM.




    IB  one of the many stories doing the rounds and we all know there are many..is that the snfc have again made big losses, now there were plenty of holdovers this year if you remember and they can wipe out any profit from a race very quickly so maybe both clubs might have a loss this year. one really surprising comment i heard was the amount of money lost on the first inland national where all the feds went with the national and this worries me because this was probably the highest birdage in years and no ferry costs etc etc..........anyone on here on the commitee who can let us know. also mr henderson of lanarkshire fed secured the deal of the decade for his members this year for their falaise race i think it was where the snfc convoyed the lanarkshire birds at a loss to the national, maybe find the national members who are not lanarkshire members not happy with this, but one thing for certain is that the costs will be much higher this year for anybody hoping to race doos.

  4. there not up yet,snrpc lib but did'nt clear




    firstly the snfc are up then not, then snrpc libbed and did not clear, when not up. are you making this crap up or is someone giving you duff info..........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. probably a no score draw because the two of them are hopeless ;) ;D





    the wee man could be right..........


    rangers selling the silverware ...

    celtic buying the brasso reserves.


    but hope the hoops come out on top today

  6. Hi

    Lanarkshire preparing to go at Tow Law at 8.45


    Homer 49




    Lanarkshire Fed are sitting at Towlaw no word till 10.30am.Weather here is clear blue skies but very chilly.





    good to see the communication working well in lanarkshire...........................!!!!!

  7. bit disapointed snfc website regarding reports on the 3 french races doesnt appear to be updated ,anyone know if their is a problem? :-/ :-/.




    John i am more dissapointed with the snfc as a whole rather than the updates on the website.  Far too many major issues being swept under the carpet for others to clean up, do not be surprised if the pres and sec are replaced at the agm. losses this year again and a lot of unrest amongst the members who are watching the SNRPC  progress with state of the art transporters and improved transport routes to the liberation points.


    couple this with all the other internal problems and the agm should be interesting to say the least..

  8. Whilst waiting for the birds on Sat. from Otterburn one half of the Alexandria area had a sky that was black the other half had torrential rain (some 3 miles apart) Live At Loch Lomond can confiorm that, the forecast I saw for Otterburn was cloudy . I saw the Lanarkshire lads had regular updates on the site well done to their controller and convoyer and whoever relayed the information the Glasgow fed members just sat in the "Dark" waiting.




    what would be your suggestion then, all fanciers to call the convoyer to say dont put them up yet its dark  clouds overhead here. all these weather experts available after the races, then they announce they never had any doos away...................now you know why the game is in such a bad way up here.


    i doubt this person will stand for any positions because to do that you need a backbone and the above post is that of a spineless troublemaker unfortunately all feds have them and they are why the better officals ask themselves "why do i bother" and eventually say enough is enough.


    could you possibly give the fanciers the benefit of your immense knowledge and weather forecasting abilities on the morning of the next race and not days later i am sure it would be most appreciated.

  9. Lanarkshire Fed baby sitting at Kelso nae word till 12.30pm. Northwest sitting beside them go at 7.00am taking just over one with good returns. :( :( :(




    two words for ya budgie  "SCOTCH CORNER"

  10. sorry victor but i think this is nonsence. these electric rings have been used in europe for years and years without any adverse affects. victor if you live near any known "percy" nesting site please take the time to have a look around the area as you will be totally amazed by the number of rings which are lying there. remember these buggers can bring up four at a time then the next year these four bring up sixteen and then the figures get very worrying. what chance do the doos of today have in the over populated skies where man has taken over nature`s role in breeding birds of prey.


    sorry victor but i call them electric rings but in reality they do not transmit anything they are i believe just like a barcode on a pint of milk useless unless you pass it in front of something which can read it.

  11. bart and chris i think you are wasting your time in trying to get any commonsense from the character bigda or should that be bigdaw........i know of numerous doomen past and present who are or were glasgow federation members and all the reports in recent years have been that the fed is one of the most forward thinking and progressive in the country. i can remember when a university group approached the fed and asked about an experiment where doos had transfers of birds eyes put on their wings in an attempt to deter hawk attacks. i got one of these doos in and phoned the number on the leg to report in and was amazed to discover what they were trying out, now they have some of the most advanced transport in scotland people want to knock them for looking after the welfare of the doos.  the fed is standing out in scotland just now for having vision and courage and the members who are capable of delivering this. i do not doubt for one minute the work or genorisity put in by former members but they choose to leave because they thought they had bigger fish to fry, leaving the fed in a dubious situation regarding finances, members etc.





    i do not know why you are so envious bigda maybe you see all those federations around yours moving forward and combining to create better conditions and facilities and if this is to be the case maybe you should get off your backside and do something about it. the longest journey starts with the first step but if you are too lazy to make that step then why badger others for doing so.



    i read on here that lanarkshire are to transport kirky birds but reading your posts bigda it would sound like you do not want them, can you tell us why this is.



    Really Johno its got nowt to do with you cos your no a member and just a sh** stirrer. We know whats goin on in the financial world without outsiders interfering.





    mr wishbone i would suggest nobody has a clue what is going on in the financial world or the flying club for that matter. i know of one organisation on the west coast who asked for a quote from geraldy and went back a matter of weeks later and it had increased by almost £3,000 pounds due to currency difference and rising costs of materials, fuel etc.  


    i was shocked to hear how much the flying club have lost this year so far, in fact i think the members will be stunned when they get the balance sheets through.


    the flying club needs strong leadership in all departments from president to secetrary to race controlling etc etc, we had doo men years ago who were excellent at this but somehow we have lost these men from the game or to other organisations. how do the members stop the rot.



    when i read post with comments like those from mr wishbone and colckman and maverick it worries me because it is like they have their heads stuck in the sand and dont care what happens. if the club is to prosper major change is needed in the attitude of all concerned.


    just a reply to maverick and your reply regarding the transit van, and please correct me if i am wrong here but this comment about the transit is in relation to the midland fed transporting their birds to a race point this year in a transit van, now the irony here maverick is that the secetrary of the flying club is/was also holding the same position in the midland fed, so some food for thought here maybe.

  13. I would say feeding can be the difference between 1st fed and 5th fed but to say it is responsible for yb losses i am not so sure unless you mean fanciers hammering youngsters down the road every day then feeding them a low protien(gerry plus) type mixture on return and then probably  only at one ounce per bird. youngsters on these systems will never mature to their full capabilities, no chance to build muscle or repair fatigued muscle from races.

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