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  1. I have just heard Jim Hannah has resigned as race controller for the Lanarkshire fed.What a bloody massive loss that is to the fed and most importantly, the pigeons. The man made an error at the weekend by cancelling the race and he knew that but the amount of abuse he has taken for this is unbelievable.People have short memories, as for his 3 years in charge of the race controlling, Lanarkshire have, without question, had the best racing and returns into Scotland. I am not a member of Lanarkshire fed but I have experienced both Midland and Lanarkshire and believe me, you dont know how lucky you were..Jim Hannah will be hard to replace and God help the guy that takes on his job because he will not be allowed one mistake. before he is slated to death. With all the experts, lets see how many queue up to take his post.


    As much as I hate to say it  ;) I totally agree with you




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