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For Sale - Special Pair Of Yb's


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I would like to offer the following “special†pair of 2018 young birds from our very successful sprint/middle distance bloodlines.


This particular line is responsible for no fewer than 16 x 1st individual Federation winners, some being three generations away from the original stock birds.


Sire & Dam of these youngsters are a combination of my No. 1 breeding pair (Janssen x Tasker) and my best ever Gaby Vandenabeele breeding couple.


That makes them grandchildren of our top breeding hen “Bonnie Lassâ€, a once in a lifetime pigeon.


Sire: Blue Bar bred 2013


The sire of the Blue cock was bred by D & J Hawkins from two of their top breeders, “Zoon Benetton†& “Snow Dropâ€. Both are responsible for numerous big winners around the UK in all levels of competition right through to National level. This is no surprise when you consider the quality of his descendants, “Benettonâ€, “Belleâ€, “Victor Reidâ€, “Princessâ€â€¦..

His dam was also bred by D & J Hawkins from another of their top breeders, “Bobby Jo†& “Florida Pearlâ€. Again both are responsible for numerous top performing pigeons. “Bobby Jo†is sire to “97 Cock†RPRA award winner 2005 any distance and nest brother to “Golden Cockâ€. “Florida Pearl†is a direct daughter from two top breeders at Myrtle Lofts “Wittenbuik 359†& “Sissi 264â€.

In my loft these Gaby lines are responsible for numerous winning pigeons, including 6 x 1st Federation winners.


Top Gaby Vandenabeele bloodlines.


Dam: Dark Cheq bred 2013 – Direct daughter of our top breeding hen “Bonnie Lass†when paired to “Young Frankâ€.


Her sire “Young Frank†was bred by the legend himself, Frank Tasker from some of his finest bloodlines. He is a direct son from one of his top breeders “Blue Kingâ€, who was bred by M & G Casaert being a grandson from both “Limoges King†& the super “Bronzeâ€. In turn, “Blue King†was paired onto “Blue Princess†a half-sister to his super hen GB.03.X.03111 winner of 3rd NRCC National 2005, 1st NRCC National 2006 and also more than 20 top prizes in the Open Nationals and Federation. Here we have a combination of Frank’s best bloodlines, being Willy Thas x Casaert……..â€Blue Pokkeâ€, “Young Dikke Henâ€, “Limoges Kingâ€, super “Bronzeâ€.

The dam of this cracking Dark Cheq hen is none other than our top breeding hen and mother of our loft “Bonnie Lassâ€. She was bred by Dave Atkin from the best of his successful team of Wall, Lunt & Green Janssen based pigeons, lines that include, “Classic Cockâ€, “Scruffy Henâ€, “De Braveâ€, “Rambo†to name just a few……responsible for numerous Federation, Classic & National winners.


“Bonnie Lass†is responsible for three generations of winning pigeons, topping the Federation from races up to 275 miles.


In the time she was breeding at Norton View Lofts she was only ever paired to three different cocks, all producing prize winners.


Here is just a small example of the performances “Bonnie Lass†is responsible for –


• 1st Cub, 1st Fed Winner of SHU Centenary Medal 2007

• 1st Club, 1st Fed

• 1st Club, 1st Fed

• 1st Club, 1st Fed

• 1st Club, 1st Fed

• 1st Club, 1st Fed

• 1st Club, 1st Fed

• 1st Club, 1st Fed

• 1st Club, 1st Fed

• 1st Club, 3rd Fed

• 2nd Club, 2nd Fed

• 2nd Club, 8th Fed

• 3rd Club, 3rd Fed

• 3rd Club, 15th Open, 21st Combine

• 3rd Club, 15th Fed

• 3rd Club, 20th Fed

• 4th Club, 6th Fed

• 4th Club, 10th Fed

• 4th Club, 22nd Fed

• 4th Club, 38th Fed

• 5th Club, 5th Fed

• 5th Club, 7th Fed

• 5th Club, 28th Fed

• 6th Club, 15th Fed

• 7th Club, 24th Fed

• 9th Club, 21st Fed

• 12th Club, 35th Open

• 22nd Open


These were achieved at Club, Federation, Open & Combine racing up to 275 miles.


Our family of birds has been very successful in Club and Federation racing for us over the years, plus they are winning for other fanciers around the UK with 2018 no exception.


Sprint/middle distance bloodlines at their very best.


Full pedigrees will be provided.


Young Birds ready approximately 5 days.


Price: £60 each.


PM if interested.


No time wasters please.


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