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The Dropping Testing Service


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The Dropping Testing Service Used By Thousands Is Back

After unprecedented demand from hundreds of pigeon fanciers and stockists throughout the UK & Ireland, Lee Fribbins is proud to relaunch his Racing Pigeon dropping and swab testing health service. As many of you know Lee Fribbins is Editor of The Racing Pigeon weekly newspaper, the world renowned Racing Pigeon Pictorial International, Squills the world's number one yearbook and is a champion pigeon racer with proven results in his own right.

Lee Fribbins says "I have dedicated my working life to ultimately wanting the best possible care for pigeon fanciers and their pigeons in the UK & Ireland. I feel that this is lacking at the moment and I will be bringing my experience and honest feedback using my 25 years of knowledge in dropping testing. My service will be as reliable as ever and will also be supplemented with my 100% natural product range. I have become very concerned with the over use of unnecessary antibiotics that have in my opinion have become detrimental to our sport. Many of todays racing pigeons lack any natural immunity and have little or no constitution. My products that have been designed over the past 20 years will help your pigeons regain their vigour and build up and maintain their own natural resistance and defence against common ailments naturally.

It is of paramount importance that the Racing Pigeon dropping and health testing service that I provide to you the pigeon fancier is fast and thorough with my microscopic interpretation of your pigeon droppings and crop swab. I will again be offering discounts on regular testing schemes as I recommend screening before breeding, racing, moulting, or at the first signs of any changes in your pigeons. Optimum health is paramount for your overall health and loft management and with over 40 years experience as a pigeon fancier I will help you to create a clear insight into any possible health issues or hygiene concerns in your loft. It is important to remember that wet droppings does not necessarily mean a course of antibiotics or that there is disease or illness in the loft. They can easily be caused by a change in the weather i.e. cold or wet conditions, drafts in the lofts, loft position, temperature as well as stress from basketing, racing, change of feed or feeding times, excessive grit or mineral intake or simply nervousness in certain individual pigeons."

We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at Uttoxeter - Saturday 10th November 2018 Doncaster - Saturday 24th November 2018CLICK TO ORDER YOUR KIT NOW £12.50 Inc UK P&P Easy return post options now also available, please ask for details.CLICK TO ORDER Nifra

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