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o.k mate will see what i can do, if need be i will ring a couple with my rings will have a better idea end of feb, remind me on then, and will try my best for you, as there are still some people who said they were sending rings who havent yet :-/ :D


Pete if you are going to be short of YB's gave my pair to someone as I have got 8 pairs on eggs now. If you send me a set of rings down I'll ring you a pair.

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Nah of course not Sharon. Still waiting for the red foxes to lay eggs!!! Sure the cock is gay as all the others have eggs now.


Do you want me to ring them or do you wnat to send me your rings? Whats your second choice if the red foxes don't mate?


If you want have a look through sometime and pick the pair you want a round off.

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hi all, thought id give you a quick update for all those that sent me rings,


have got a bit behind to be honest, lost about 10 eggs first round from my stock birds :-/ due to fighting, so its taken me a bit longer to get the 20 for myself, but the majority of birds promised are either ready to hatch in next ten days or have just chipped out, apart from the ones i said would be later, ;) so most people will have them end of march/ beginning of april.

thanks for everyones patience ;)

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not doing bad, considering ive got 60 rings here!! so i will hopefully have 60 ybs flying all over the country for various different people plus, the 20 i have reared for myself!! and i am getting about 10 birds gifted to me from people, so overall i am testing 80 birds with only the hassle of looking after 30!! ;)


im a genius!! ;D ;D ;D


if any one gets a winner from one of my birds they have to give me £500 in breeding fees :D :D :P :P ;D

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hi I am racing young birds for the first time up in Macduff Banffshire North Scotland and would be willing to try your yound birds out in this very hard area to race into Iam situated about 55 miles North of Aberdeen.


hi mate, sorry only just noticed you just joined, welcome, if you want some in the summer let me know, ta ;)

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Hi pigeon pete howa things comming along ??


things are going better now, got off to a crap start with first round from stock!! fighting, smashed eggs only 1 hatching! etc, so got a bit behind got quite a few going out next week, about 26/28 so some are going to be a little later than expected, i should have most of the 60 out by end of april, apart from a few later ones, that i said would be may/june time!! i just hope people are pleased with them when they get them!! ;)

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At the end of the day mate, when the young birds have left you to go to there owners, the birds will have left in top condition, you are doing a lot of fanciers a favour breeding young birds, so dont worry yourself mate, they will be fine.


As you said, i hope the fanciers will be pleased with them, i hope they let you no how they are progressing etc, again breeding all these youngsters isnt easy, a lot of time and money spent doing this.


Credit to the sport pete.



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