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white logan

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Guest bigda

i am told it is a very good alternative to combat salmonella ?????and other nasty ailments


Not to be abused , but like baytril will save the day 50mg per bird if needed no more 200 mil tab 1/4 only

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Used it a few years ago to cure very bad Salmonella / E coli infection , it knocks hell out the birds for a

week or so , some didnt survive either the infection or the medication, those that did had no lasting effects , but use sparingly and remember to use a good pro biotic afterwards as it also kills good bacteria as well.

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It is 10% not 2.5% (so 1ml per litre)


Please read the instructions on the bottle

Correct Sue,only ever used it once,I had a blue cock that I didn't want to loose was going backwards fast,all others were OK,last resort a couple of drops down his throat,the next day he was bouncing,never had to use it since but it's there if needed.

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